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February 11, 2004

Would You Like Fries With Your Sheep Heads?

by Red Wolf

Poland: Nothing says black metal stage show like dozens of sheep heads on stakes, a literal blood bath and a naked, crucified woman.

Gorgoroth's concert in Krakow was recorded by state TV station TVP and the resulting scandal was the center of attention in Polish media. The band is now being investigated for causing religious offense, which can be punished by two years in prison.
The police are also considering an investigation of cruelty to animals.
On stage there was blood everywhere. About ten decapitated sheep heads and naked people, alive, on large crosses. Everyone was painted with 100 liters of sheep blood. Also there were Satanist symbols everywhere. One of the hanging female models fainted and an ambulance had to be called, TVP director Andrzej Jeziorek told VG.

It seems the fundies have been witch hunting in Poland.

Recent troubles with sects and Satanist groups have made the issue especially sensitive in Poland.

Norwegian black metal band shocks Poland - Aftenposten, 4th February 2004 (via Die Puny Humans).

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1: Posted by: Ikonoklast | February 11, 2004 3:33 AM


This isn`t the first time Gorgoroth has been involved in something like this.

2: Posted by: Terri | February 11, 2004 4:12 AM

Then I suppose my corner store is satanic-sheeps' heads are a commonly-sold snack in South Africa.
Haven't seen any naked paople on crosses lately though-pity.

3: Posted by: Feòrag | February 14, 2004 1:35 AM

Golgoroth's own official website gives their telling of the story:

One gig was played in Warsaw and one in Krakow. The Krakow show, which was to be filmed for an upcoming DVD featured four crucified and naked models (two women + two men), spilled with sheep blood. The musicians did their show in front of that setting and to complete the manifestation they all were surrounded by dozens of sheep heads and litres of sheep blood on the stage. A few minutes after the musically inferno had started one of the female models fainted and had to be taken down from the cross. Apart from that the show passed as planned. But as soon as the gig was over, the police appeared and confiscated all the recordings from Krzemionki TV. The police are currently investigating for a possible prosecution.

The site teppah.tk has more detailed coverage and video clips of the event for download.

Ikonoklast - is this the other trouble you mentioned - one of the band members is facing prosecution for "unordinary vile use of violence", which carries a sentence of up to six years, but that trial keeps getting postponed due to a sick prosecutor.

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