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February 24, 2004

Same old story

by Feòrag

United States: A Wiccan family is looking for a new home to escape persecution by some charming, intelligent neighbours:

We have been harassed and tormented by a misconception. Until somebody bigoted faces criminal charges, I don't think it's going to stop, Wiccan shop owner Margie Allen said.
Allen and her daughters practice Wicca. They owned a small store in Kingsland. Allen says their problem started when unwelcome visitors targeted the store last year.
It was a big commotion, started yelling, 'Satanism, Satanism.' There were four or five of them all together. One was doing the yelling. Trying to get them to stop so I could explain, Allen said.

Wiccans Looking For A Safe Home - KXAN, 23rd February 2004.

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