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February 29, 2004

Remember, it's only fiction.

by Feòrag

The BBC plans to broadcast a drama based on an uncritical interpretation of the therapist-induced fantasies of those who believe they have been ritually abused.

To be shown at primetime on BBC One in the next two months, May 33rd stars Lia Williams as Ella, a young woman whose tortured upbringing causes her personality to fragment into five different people.

Believers hope that it will bring sympathy for their cause, but there are concerns:

But Tom Fahy, a psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital, London, argued that many DID cases are the creation of misguided therapists. 'I'm sure there is a link between childhood abuse and DID, but some therapists are slightly naive in their approach and become more interested in the complexities of psychopathology rather than finding a solution. I've seen people with a dozen fully fledged personalities, which can be caused by poor therapy bringing them out.'

Perhaps the BBC might like to consider dubbing this Egyptian drama into English for the summer season. TV drama focuses on ritual abuse - The Observer, 29th February 2004.

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