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March 25, 2004

Religious nut lies, news at 11.

by Feòrag

Imagine the excitement at Prattle Towers when a self-styled Christian informed us, in a comment, that:

So...what amazes me most is how this page sits at the top spot when I happened to look under "Antichrist."!??!Seems to me someone either paid for it to get to that highest ranking position or Google placed it there for a reason because God knows, no one is looking under or even cares what the small minority of witches have to say about something to do with Bible prophecy!

So we checked. The top entry, www.Antichrist.com, looks entertaining, but it isn't one of ours. The rest of the first page includes speculation, both serious and silly, on who the antichrist might be, a book by Nietzsche, definitions of the word, a bit about a virus hoax and a link to Marilyn Manson. But nothing from this site, and there's nothing in the first 30 pages of hits either.

How disappointing - the kook lied to us. There again, the same indivdual informed us on several occasions that we are witches and that we are followers of Laurie Cabot - and we don't need Google to confirm that that's a load of old bollocks. Do we need to mention the standard of English used in the comment, or can you guess?

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