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April 7, 2004

Pastor's wife casts spell on husband's accusor

by Feòrag

England: The trial of Pastor Douglas Goodman, accused of one charge of rape, and twelve of indecent assault against four women, has taken a bizarre turn. The Old Baily court heard some unusual evidence:

Erica Goodman, the wife of Pastor Douglas Goodman, exorcised of the 'spirit of witchcraft and Jezebel' from a woman, after the congregation member claimed Pastor Goodman had attacked her.
But after laying her hands on the alleged victim's head to draw out the evil spirits, Mrs Goodman then accused the woman of sleeping with a 15-year-old boy.

Exorcism in the home of 'rape' pastor - Black Information Link, 6th April 2004.

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1: Posted by: pelvic floor exercises for you girl | September 8, 2004 2:11 PM

I am personally ecstatic that this man is in prison.

Do you all remember when he declared the building in Kilburn was purchased? You can't get thrown out of something you own! or when he professed how he didn't understand how his American pastor friends had security guards and he only fears God. How much tithe money was spent on personal security? or what about when he wanted to pray for members of the congregation for fornicating earlier in the week.

In court one witness said he couldn't wait to give her oral, and the reason he wanted younger women was that after Erica’s multiple births things were not as tight as they used to be (pelvic floor exercises for you girl).. Well, well you couldn't fool a judge and jury.

To think that you even asked your V2V congregation for donations to help with defence costs. He and his money loving family can follow him too if they want to break the law. His wife is keeping the business going while he's doing his bird. Yeah, she is a survivor; only while the moneys rolling in!

Yeah your V2V van says it all, "We are not a charity" In other words we can take your money and do what the fcuk we want!!!! No shame whatsoever

And for all you V2V members out there, “You’re all sheep, you can’t be helped”. The charity commission tried then you all received phone calls inviting you to spend money on his designer clothed family at Oakington Manor School hall. The only people getting paid in this farce are them small brained gorillas protecting him, the get money buy any means necessary school, and all the die hard hangers on who no matter what Goodman or that designer wife does believe him cause their mortgage needs to be paid.

Remember this; God ain’t got no bank account at the Halifax. And Jesus was a carpenter, at least he worked for a living. Jesus didn’t get paid for preaching.

When prisoner Goodman is released and goes back to his lying, fornicating whip you up and tell you about how he’s a changed man and had a conversation with God in the cell. My greatest wish would be that they keep changing the time he has to sign the sex offenders register to co-inside with the “I want to give money to God but it ends up in your family’s pocket” church service.

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