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April 10, 2004

Canneto di Caronia's Pesky Demon Infestation

by Red Wolf

Italy: Rather than looking for the real cause of a series of electrical problems, the media are quick the round up a handful of superstitious locals who will happily blame spontaneous combustion or demonic attack for a nice sound bite. No doubt the rest of the population are cringing in embarrassment that the village idiot has dragged everyone down to his level.

A Sicilian town is struggling to work out why dozens of household items from fridge-freezers to furniture keep mysteriously bursting into flame, terrifying locals and sparking theories of demonic intervention.
Since mid-January dozens of electrical goods and pieces of furniture have spontaneously gone up in flames, causing huge damage in Canneto di Caronia, a small town perched on the Mediterranean island's rocky coast.
I've seen unplugged electrical cables burst into flames with my own eyes, but I just can't explain it, a local policeman who did not want to be named said Wednesday. I've never seen anything like it.
Some fires have spread to engulf homes and police temporarily evacuated some 40 residents.
There has been a sense of panic and people have been evacuated from their homes, said Salvatore Mezzopane, who works at the town hall. We're trying to find the cause of the fires but there are no answers yet.

Household items burst into flame - Reuters, 12th February 2004 (via Neil Gaiman's Journal).

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