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May 6, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Jesus comes 2 play doll

by Feòrag

Eric Morecambe will be powering the national grid when he hears about the God Squad and Friends Jesus Comes 2 Play doll:

He Sings! Press his Red Heart and He will sing You Are My Sunshine.
He wears a Cross Necklace! Matching One including for your child too!
Comb His Hair! Just like Yours!
He Prays! His hands can hold together to pray.
He's Soft! And Always Ready to Give a Hug!
His Clothes and Sandals are Removable!

So why would a good Christian child want to do that?

He's Big and 17 inches Tall!
... And Most of All, Jesus Comes 2 Play! is Full of Fun and Love!
Buy Now: $29.95
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

(via Spell Bound)

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