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May 24, 2004

Evil Pagans change their calendar

by Feòrag

The murders of Holly Wells and Jessical Chapman were the work of a violent nutcase who is now safely banged up, and unlikely to ever see the light of day again, right?

Don't be silly! It couldn't possibly be that simple. And Ellis C Taylor has a much more complicated suggestion - it was a sacrifice to the Goddess. It starts with an assertion that the girls disappeared on the Pagan festival of Lughnasadh, conveniently moved to 4th August - a date which is more significant than can possibly be imagined by us mere muggles non-psychic types as it was also the Queen Mother's birthday!

The date could be significant, even if it tends to turn some people off when mention is made of the QM, it is never-the-less a fact that 4th August was her birthday. She would have been 102. (1+2 = 3 - numerologically, the number of the child) It is also St Perpetua's Day. Personally, I do not believe that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was evil, and I say so clearly in my article. My understanding, from experience, research and feedback from other psychics, is that she had been over-shadowed by a maleficent energy. In other words, she was possessed. That is why I ask that people remember her in their prayers. She was a victim too. As were Diana (31st August), and Marilyn Monroe (4th August) note that 31 adds to 4 The first Ripper victim, Mary Ann "Polly" Nicholls was also murdered on 31st August. They all add to August 4, and all four, Mary Nicholls, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Marilyn Monroe and Diana were symbolic moon goddesses, in so many ways.

So why were the girls selected for sacrifice? It's all in their names - Holly Wells is an obvious reference to a sacred tree and a revered water source, but Jessica requires deeper research, and some veiled racism, to understand:

Jessica means God looks over, or God beholds, God's Grace, The Lord Beholds, The Lord's Gift. What does God behold? Creation, or (As the sun) the solar system? God's Grace is the Moon. So many possibilities. Could it be a landscape feature? It was a name borne by Shylock's daughter in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice". In Genesis 11 Jessica (Iscah) is the daughter of Haran (brother of Abraham), who seems to have been a merchant. (Venice is another place surrounded by water.)
Chapman means merchant. So there seems to be a strong connection with Jessica's name and merchants... A merchant is an exchanger of energy, yes? In terms of earth energy a merchant could describe a sacred site, an energy centre.

And just so we know that neopagans are to blame, we are reminded that from Wednesday 31st July-Sunday 4th August a Goddess Festival was held in Glastonbury. After demonstrating the Satanic nature of the Commonwealth Games, we are told that this must be significant:

Surely when you have the Goddess Festival at Glastonbury closing, The (Moon Goddess) Commonwealth Games in Manchester ending, and the (deceased) Queen Mother's birthday all occurring on the same day there is surely a lot of Dark Goddess energy flying about? And it seems to have centred on Soham, and two little girls with holy names: holy names with significant pertinence to sacred sites that can verifiably be connected not just to Soham, but also the time they vanished..

But of course, the author of the piece isn't actually blaming anyone - after all, some of them might have the cash to bring a libel action.

It is very unlikely that any organisation, person or place named in this article is consciously involved in any way. Satanic forces, be they human or something else, operate in darkness, in secret, manipulating minds and events to suit themselves. They do not openly advertise their presence, leave no clues and will always have a credible (terrified or indebted) stooge awaiting in the wings.

Other important points involve numerology, and an apparenly physical similarity between Maxine Carr (convicted of something which would have been her right had she been married to Ian Huntly) and murderer Myra Hindley. HOLLY WELLS AND JESSICA CHAPMAN - WHERE ARE THEY? Ellis C. Taylor, August 2002.

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1: Posted by: Urwen | May 27, 2004 3:09 PM

That's right. And Ian Huntley is actually the high priest of the satanic coven that worships Cybele with wild castrating rites in the ruins of her temple in Verulamium/St Albans. Honestly! I heard it from a bloke in the pub in St Neots! I swear... They were a sacrifice to Attis! Why else were they dumped in a _river_.. a water source, y'know?? Water feeds crops, right?

The things I could tell you about Maxine Carr...just think...she has the SAME NAME as Alex Sanders's wife... I'll let you work it out for yourself... I'm sayin' nothing. Dr Adam Weishaupt is always watching, you see. From his UFO.


*puts on tinfoil hat*

2: Posted by: Nix | June 8, 2004 4:59 AM

... wild castrating rites in the ruins of her temple in Verulamium/St Albans.
That's not fair. I spent more than one night, er, camped out there in my younger days, and did I ever see wild castrating rites? Was my hypersocial sister, who'd get involved with these things if anyone would, ever invited? No, and no!

(Well, maybe she was invited, and just didn't tell me.)

And now I'm living down the road from St. Neots, and just yesterday reread the Illuminatus! trilogy.

I think this is all Deeply Significant and that Something Must Be Done... but maybe that's just a side-effect of posting at five in the morning.

3: Posted by: Feòrag | June 8, 2004 11:42 AM

I went to St. Albans, and all I found were lots of rather excellent ale (there's a reason CAMRA's based there) and some interesting archæology. Apparently some guy got his head chopped off by the Romans, but not a lot has happened there since then.

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