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June 23, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Creepy Jesus Antenna

by Red Wolf

Europe: There are European companies that specialise in camouflaged mobile masts and antennae, as a panacaea to those that find the things eyesores. One firm is now manufacturing an antenna disguised as a crucifix, intended to go on the steeples of churches. Get your creepy Jesus mobile antenna now!

European companies are finding ingenious ways to disguise ugly, but necessary, mobile phone antenna masts. Customers can pick everything from trees to crucifixes.
The latter crosses the line for some congregations, who are not willing to see Christ on a cross, with antennae sticking out here and there. The mayor of Schwabhausen, in deeply Catholic Bavaria, has come out against such an antenna in his village church. Mobile phone companies are hesitant as well.
The churches actually don't like it so much, said Susanne Satzer-Spree, a Vodafone spokeswoman.
However, some houses of worship have managed to make their masts part of their identity.
Everyone recognizes the church now, said Johannes de Fallois, pastor at a church in Neuburg.
Mobile phone companies are careful to emphasize that the camouflage is not supposed to actually hide mast construction from community residents, but Hans Ultich-Raithel of Munich's Environmental Institute is not too sure.
Mobile phone masts are hidden often in chimneys because of protests from residents, he said.

Mobile Phone Masts Go Undercover - Deutsche Welle, 14th June 2004 (via BoingBoing).

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