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June 26, 2004

Rock music promotes hatred

by Feòrag

The Vatican: The Roman Catholic Church has jumped onto the Satanism bandwagon, with the publication by its news agency of a rather odd interview with 'journalist' Carlo Climati, in which he accuses rock bands of spreading a non-culture of violence, drugs and hatred. He describes the slippery slope along which a sweet, innocent adolescent becomes a hard-core Satanic criminal, through the evils of the net:

The first phase generally consists of the simple and banal interest in a Satanic singer. First, a young person buys his CDs and is passionate about his music. But then he feels the need to know more about the singer.
The second step is knowledge of the texts of the songs and the consequent exposure to a transgressive philosophy of life.
The third phase is the young person's purchase of music magazines that talk about his favorite singer. Lately, in certain rock periodicals, there is not just talk of music, but also of Satanism and esotericism. Sometimes even addresses are given of Satanic sects or Internet sites of singers linked to the world of the occult.
So, in order to know more, the fourth phase is entered: the search on Internet. Starting from simple curiosity for the sites of Satanic rock singers, there is the risk of going to the pages of authentic sects, or discussion groups frequented by Satanists.
The fifth and last phase is the young person's direct contact, through e-mail, with a sect or a practitioner of black magic.

At least he didn't accuse Satanists of sexually abusing children and then covering up the evidence.

5 Phases of an Adolescent's Slide Into Satanism - Zenit, 25th June 2004; Lazy Cops Blame Satan - Pagan Prattle, 11th June 2004.

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