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June 27, 2004

God-botherer invents 'pagan' rites for abuse

by Feòrag

Australia: The Queensland National Party official accused of underage sex with young men has been found guilty, much to his own astonishment. Garry Robin Ford proclaimed that God would judge his accusers. The allegations involved some rather unrecognisable 'pagan' rituals (a term the Murdoch-owned NEWS.com.au uses without qualification).

The Supreme Court in Brisbane was told schoolboys had sat in a candle-lit circle as their black-caped teacher chanted and danced.
They allegedly performed sex acts on each other and on Ford to be initiated into his White Brotherhood sect.

Ford had earlier told the court that he was trying to mentor one of the youths to put God first.

Although fundies are likely to proclaim that this case is definite proof of satanic ritual abuse, it matches rather closely a phenomenon observed by Professor Jean LaFontaine back in 1994. She stated that the defining characteristic of satanic abuse was that the sexual and physical abuse of children is part of rites directed to a magical or religious objective and observed that there was no evidence that these have taken place in any of the 84 cases studied. She then went on to describe what she called 'ritual abuse' (though believers in the myth do not make such a differentiation):

Three substantiated cases of ritual, not satanic, abuse were found. These are cases in which self-proclaimed mystical/magical powers were used to entrap children and impress them (and also adults) with a reason for the sexual abuse, keeping the victims compliant and ensuring their silence. In these cases the ritual was secondary to the sexual abuse which clearly formed the primary objective of the perpetrators. The rituals performed in these cases did not resemble those that figured in the allegations of the other 81 cases. [LaFontaine 1994, 30. Emphasis in original.]

In her more detailed analysis, she stated that the 'rituals' were invented and led by single individuals and that none of the three men concerned learned the rituals from belonging to an occult group [LaFontaine 1994, 24]. Books relating to the ritual context were found but none of them were by Satanists or Aleister Crowley [ibid.]. In a later book, she explained that this was because in two of the three cases the ideas and practices did not resemble any known occult beliefs or rituals [LaFontaine 1998, 85]. The only case which did bear such a resemblance involved a man who clearly wasn't an occultist, claiming that he was Lucifer! If that's an occultist, then the perpetrator in one of the other cases, who claimed he was on a mission from the Virgin Mary, is a Catholic.

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