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July 30, 2004

Avignon moves a bit

by Feòrag

Spain: The real Pope is Gregorio XVII according to himself and his 300 or so followers. He claims to have been ordained by God, because the Vatican is controlled by Satan having been infiltrated by Masons and Communists.

Rome ... is no longer the capital of Christianity; the new Rome is the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya, a booklet from Gregorio's church quotes God as telling him.

Mel Gibson would approve of the Church, which has canonised dictator Francisco Franco, as it rejects reforms made in the 1960s and uses Latin. And there will be no debate over succession, as Gregorio's demise will resemble Gibson's sado-masochistic fantasy film:

Followers call 58-year-old Gregorio the last pope, and say he will be crucified. An electronic information package handed out at the church shows gory pictures of Gregorio with bleeding wounds in the hands, torso and forehead similar to those of Christ on the cross.

At the end of his reign the anti-Christ appears and he will put the pope to death, he will crucify him, and then Christ will appear and destroy the anti-Christ and a new era will begin, a middle-aged Irish man told Reuters on his way to mass.

Spanish Sect Leader Says He Is the Real Pope - Yahoo! News, 27th July 2004 (via The New American Revolutionist).

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