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July 30, 2004

Move over Jesus, you have competition

by Feòrag

United States: A fundie author is to appear at a restaurant in Pleasantville, South Carolina, even though her book appears to claim that she is dead. Evelyn Murray Drayton's vanity published tome, I Had to Die Exposing Witchcraft in Church, looks to be the standard-issue evangelism-by-false-witness type of publication often seen in the more extremist Christian bookshops. In it, she claims to have exposed a terrible conspiracy thanks to a prophecy made by her pastor.

The book details some of her real life experiences -- including combat with a curse of witchcraft sent her way by a church leader whom she respected and a false prophetess, and how she grew spiritually following her chilling experience...
Drayton thinks it is by divine intervention that her book is being published at about the same time various other satanic church activities are being publicly exposed.

DeBordieu teen wins gold in N.Y. (scroll down a bit) - Georgetown Times, 30th July 2004.

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