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July 31, 2004

Religion vs the real world

by Feòrag

The Vatican: Celibacy has its advantages. For one, you need never have to deal with the responsibility of bringing up children. Unfortunately, this also means you have no idea exactly what that might involve, although this won't stop you bringing out a document to tackle feminism. Kathryn Cramer has covered this, so I don't have to.

These are lovely sentiments. But what are God and the Catholic Church going to do to make this so? How, exactly, do they propose that a woman staying home with her kids not be penalized financially for her decision? Perhaps God will strike down a woman's elderly relatives with large bank accounts and make sure she's mentioned in the will. Or is the church offering stipends? Given the Pope's well-known opinions on birth control, I expect that the Vatican has earmarked a hefty sum for this project.
And then there's the plight of working women. First of all, God will add several hours to the working mom's day so she can get some sleep. And the church will pitch in by requiring its priests to become licensed child care providers, massage therapists, and yoga instructors and henceforth will require priests to do day care on weekdays and evenings and will offer free massages and yoga classes with confession. (Shall we break into a chorus of Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?) Or do they have some other plan?

I'm not sure I want the Catholic Church caring for any sprog of mine after Boston, Portland and all the other priestly child abuse scandals.

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