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September 1, 2004

This week's Antichrist

by Feòrag

There are many candidates for Antichrist. The latest is Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold Schwartzenegger may just be a bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned Governor and nothing more. Or maybe, when you put everything together, he just might be a terminator / villain / destroyer / barbarian / predator, aligned with the Communist driven New World Order, destined to run for Governor via the Recall election, rising up to world prominence and power, who will wind up a traitor of the American people serving up true lies, a raw deal, and doing little for our benefit, during the end days time period in history or at least during the end of the United States, as the United States slips away in its long goodbye, all of which is really just a part of the greater matrix reality.

(via Cheryl Morgan).

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1: Posted by: Mark | September 5, 2004 3:25 AM

Don't forget, in one of Arnold's movies, he references a constitutional amendment allowing naturalized citizens to be president. Freudian slip?