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September 21, 2004

Secret Herts

by Feòrag

England: Hertford is where it's at as far as the conspiracy is concerned. According to a 'documentary' to be shown on Sky this week, the town is home to both the Knights Templar and the Illuminati!

Tim belongs to a high-ranking family in the Knights Templar, a powerful society of warrior monks which dates back to the Crusades -- and who still meet at a secret location in the town.
But he denied a link with former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson, a well-known Templar, who was in President Harry S Truman's inner circle during the 1950s.
Cryptically, he told the Mercury: I cannot talk about my family connections. The older members of secret societies want to keep them secret, whereas some of the new blood is a bit more open.
I do know two members of the Illuminati who live here, but I must protect their identities.
There are powerful and dangerous forces at work here and I cannot risk getting on the wrong side of them.

Town may be a base for secret society - Hertfordshire Mercury - not dated, believed to be 17th September 2004.

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