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October 3, 2004

Family First, People Last

by Red Wolf

Australia: Susie O'Brien wrote a great piece for Melbourne's Herald Sun about the hypocrisy of Family First. Alas, the Herald Sun is part of Murdoch's stable, so if stories even do get to the paper's web site, they are only live for a day or so, hence this article getting submitted in its entirety.

If you're having trouble deciding who to support in this election, why not ask who Jesus would vote for.

If you accept the lead of creationist cleanskins Family First, it probably wouldn't be Labor or the Greens.

No, the son of God would only support good conservative candidates, as long as they weren't gay or didn't support same-sex marriage.
Luckily for New South Wales MP Ross Cameron, who cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with twins, infidelity is OK with JC.

Ross Cameron is the slimy weasel who outed his own infidelity to the media to draw attention away from the fact that his done sod all to question James Hardie, who are in his electorate, about the way the company has screwed over asbestos victims. And guess what? The media lapped it up.

Family First, an ultra-conservative Pentecostal political party, is playing God by dictating not only who are good Christian politicians, but who are good family members.

These Christians in the closet are parading as a mainstream political party.

Family First's only elected politician, Andrew Evans, is a former Assemblies of God pastor and just about all its executive and candidates are members of various evangelical churches.

This includes Victorian Senate candidate Steve Fielding (who knows a thing or two about family given that he has 15 brothers and sisters). According to their website, Assemblies of God followers believe in speaking in tongues, creationism, a literal interpretation of the bible, and that Lord Jesus Christ will return to Earth.

Family First is misleading voters by hiding these church links in a bid to appeal to mainstream voters.

Party officials insist its million-dollar television campaign is being bankrolled through a $25 joining fee and fundraising barbecues. That's a hell of a lot of sausages.

Interestingly, MP Andrew Evans has stopped talking about the party's backers, whom he referred to in the past as businessmen who don't want to be identified.

However, the real issue is not just what kind of Christians these people are, but what kind of families they want to put first.

For a start, Family First doesn't think gay couples, even if they have children and are in long-term relationships, should be a family.

Evans says heterosexual relationships are superior to sterile gay relationships.

Single parents are families but cause long-lasting and deep wounds in their children, he says.

De facto is tolerated, but married is better.

And if you're unwed, you'd better stay out of bed as pre-marital sex is a big no-no.

These pro-family policies are anti-people.

Family First doesn't think your family members have the right to die with dignity by voluntary euthanasia. And if your kid is found with even the smallest amount of marijuana, they want them to face criminal sanctions.

Evans has also opposed same-sex superannuation rights and the over-the-counter morning-after pill, and wants birth control advertising to show parenthood in a more positive light. He wants women seeking abortions to view an ultrasound of their unborn baby.

He's also questioned whether same-sex couples and single people should be foster carers.

Thanks to a deal done with the Prime Minister, these so-called family values will be yardsticks for Coalition policies. Yes, these ultra conservative creationists have done a sweetheart deal with the Government to force us all to practise what they preach.

This is scary because even if not one Family First person is elected, their views will mean a curtailing of the rights of gay people, single parents and sexually active teenagers.

Similarly, what kind of strings will be attached if their Senate preferences help elect Labor's Jacinta Collins and the Democrats who have also done desperate deals?

The party has also singled out three politicians who will not get preferences because of their views on sexuality.

One of them, former Queensland AMA president Dr Ingrid Tall, has committed no other sin than being open about being gay.

Parliamentary Secretary Warren Entsch is on the black list because he supported gay marriage.

A sexuality witch-hunt by Family First puts a confessed adulterer like Ross Cameron above a respected gay woman.

Sexuality, it seems, is a test which only heterosexuals pass. So before you vote Family First, think about the kind of families they represent.

Ask your local House of Representatives candidate whether he or she lives in your electorate and how long they have been in the party. Just a few weeks ago the party was still looking for candidates and was still inviting people to send in their CVs.

Finally, the Family First obsession with nuclear families is somewhat surprising.

After all, didn't Jesus have two dads (Joseph and God) and a mum who was sleeping with one of them but fell pregnant to the other?

Talk about an unconventional family arrangement.

Party's Gospel of Bias - Herald Sun, September 2004 (via Greens Media mailing list).

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1: Posted by: Nathan Zamprogno | October 3, 2004 3:08 PM

My Blog contains an insider's view of Family First from the vantage point of a member of an Assemblies of God Church. Hope you check it out.

Editor note: Added a direct link to the article which is well worth a look.

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