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October 9, 2004

Confusing loons with Satanists

by Feòrag

United States: A convict has been charged with the ritual murder of a teenager who disappeared in 1998. Police say that Robert Anthony Marquez killed and dismembered 16-year old Bryan Thorne because of his belief in Satanism.

How exactly they know this isn't explained, as no trace of Thorne has been found since he disappeared six years ago. Their only evidence seems to be that Marquez's cell was decorated with photos of dismembered sheep and chickens and his body was covered with demon-themed tattoos and Thorne's friends, who insisted that they knew nothing throughout the time Marquez has been safely in prison. Now he is due to be released, they claim that they got stoned with Marquez, who lured Thorne away from the group, stabbed him, chopped him up and put the remains in a bin!

The news reports do not explain how this relates to any known Satanic practice, nor do they discuss how a court will be able to reasonably accept the evidence of people who admit they were high on cannabis at the time.

Convict arrested for 1998 ritual slaying of Brea high school student - Monterey Herald, 9th October 2004.

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1: Posted by: "Kimberley" NoName | October 13, 2004 6:31 PM

Editor's Note: This threatening hate speech was sent anonymously via the feedback form. The first name has been assumed from the e-mail address, which I doubt is genuine.


This "article" does not even get the facts straight. Bryan Thorne was not "safe in prison"--he was killed and dismembered by a son-of-a-bitch who thinks he can intimidate young kids with his belief in Satanism (which he admits to). Get your facts straight before you start talking like this about someone who was viciously murdered and dismembered. And by the way, the bastard admitted to stabbing my cousin in the neck with a military-style knife, cutting his 16-year old body into pieces, and dumping them in a trash bin. The bastard also has satanic-themed tattoos all over his body. And since when aren't Satanists loons, you idiot?

2: Posted by: Feòrag | October 13, 2004 6:59 PM

'Kimberley', let me explain one or two things to you.

Please do not resort to argumentum ad hominem. It makes you look as if you have nothing to say and just want to insult people. It's not big, and it's not clever. Additionally, you can be made to look stupid if you urge someone to "get their facts straight" and then proceed to 'correct' a statement which was not made in the context you claim it was. If you take time to read the article, you will note that I clearly state "Thorne's friends ... insisted that they knew nothing throughout the time Marquez has been safely in prison". Nothing about the crime being committed while he was in gaol, but that the friends did not take advantage of that fact to tell the police what they now claim they know - it's quite hard to threaten people on the outside when you are banged up, you know.

The only people trivialising this are those who are trying to blame this on Satanism.

Satanists do not do this kind of thing. Indeed they have a very strong moral code which involves taking responsibility for your own actions - a Satanist has the freedom to act as they wish but, and this is a very big but, they are not allowed to deny others their free will. Think about that for a while. The OCRT has a good overview of Satanism in its various forms.

Of course, there are people who claim that they are Satanists and that Satan made them commit a particular crime. Equally, there are people who claim to be Christians and that God told them to commit a particular crime. These people are in need of care and treatment in a secure mental institution.

If what you say it true, and he claims that he is religiously inspired, then he is clearly not a Satanist (any more than the guy who murdered because God said so is a Christian) but a lunatic who needs to be in whatever the California equivalent of Carstairs State Hospital is.

To me, pretending he is sane and relying on the six-year-old evidence of people who admit they were stoned at the time could well lead to a miscarriage of justice (what if he is insane, yet didn't do it, but who claims he did because he really isn't in touch with 'normality'?) and is a trivialisation of the very real problems of mental health.

Your insistence that this is something as simple as 'Satanism' is hate speech, the same way as claiming Jews murder Christian children to get blood for the Passover matzo is hate speech. And about as accurate. You expect me to give credence to someone who resorts to telling lies about religious minorities and didn't have the balls to sign their message?

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