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January 13, 2005

The Great Tsunami Conspiracy List

by Feòrag

Red Wolf has been hard at work collecting tsunami conspiracies, and I've been working somewhat less diligently to add a few more. Here are the fruits of our labours:


  • HAARP: Asia Earthquake kills +24,000 EXACTLY one year after Iran quake killed 26,000 - Bella Ciao forums 27th December 2004.
  • How much did US know about tsunami? - Boards Online forums, 30th December 2004.
  • Al Qaeda Plot - snopes.com forums, 1st January 2005.
  • Tsunami Bomb? Could the Russians Have Triggered the Tsunami? (temporarily down due to upgrade fun), 2nd January 2005.
  • Tsunami Victim Photographed Wearing Strange 'New World Order' Clothing - Prison Planet, 2nd January 2005.
    Picture (of a dead woman, you have been warned) with a note: Probably nothing but slightly creepy nontheless. (added by Feòrag, 14th January 2005.)
  • tsunami another 911? - Above Top Secret forum, 2nd January 2005.
    ...research along these lines will bear the strange fruit of the NWO depopulation tree. spaceman also speculates that scalar weapons were used to trigger the quake.
    (added by Feòrag, 20th January 2005.)
  • Many Governments knew but did nothing to evacuate coastal areas — global conspiracy, UFO threats or concerted failure? - India Daily, 3rd January 2005.
  • Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami? - Joe Vialls, 5th January 2005 (updated 6th January).
  • Why did US base escape tsunami? - BBC News, 5th January 2005.
    David Moore, Nantwich: Could it have been an attempt by the Neo-Conservative Christian Right to let set off an atom bomb, in order, to open the gates of hell and put out the flames with the water. That's the sort of weird dream I had the night before the earthquake. I wonder if there has been any underwater caverns opened up which have lowered the overall oceans water level? This would be a considerable aid to place, which are currently below sea level, but aided by false barriers.
  • America, Israel, India Caused Tsunami, Conspiracy Theory Says - Cybercast News Service, 7th January 2005. (added by Red Wolf, 14th January 2005; link changed to original source by Feòrag, 16th January 2005.)
  • Egyptian Nationalist Weekly: U.S.-Israel-India Nuclear Testing May have Caused Asian Tsunami; The Goal: Testing how to Liquidate Humanity - MEMRI, 7th January 2005. (added by Red Wolf, 14th January 2005.)
  • Tsunami Bomb Tested in 1940's - Vive le Canada, 10th January 2005.
    We still cannot rule out the possibility that there was something darker and more sinister behind the Tsunami in Indonesia...In absence of proof of the null: it is impossible to set off tsunamis with explosions i might have to favor the alternative: it is possible to set off tsunamis with explosions. It may be harder to prove it's impossible than prove it might be possible.
    Note: apart from asking for proof of a negative, which is impossible, the best way to ensure that you see nothing which might challenge your silly views is to avoid fora such as this one. (added by Feòrag, 25th January 2005.)
  • Critical Thought on Tsunami - Salvador Astucia, 11th January 2005 (updated 13th January 2005).
    there is significant evidence which points to Israel alone as the true sponsor, possibly with the assistance of a handful of traitors within the FBI, CIA, military, and related entities [because ] the Israelis are planning to pay assassins to kill a sitting American president in exchange for opium produced in the Golden Triangle
    (added by Feòrag, 1st February 2005.)
  • Re: Illuminati will always own the world - dominik debusscher Hollow Earth Insider forum, 13th January 2005.
    If you look at the one dollar bill you will see two numbers 12 - 12 is it coïncidence that the account for the Tsunami victims is opened at number 000-000012-12 ??
    (added by Feòrag, 20th January 2005.)
  • 4 pro[trans]humanist... - alt.conspiracy, 24th January 2005.
    'david', a loony fundie, responds to a humanist's assertion that God, if it existed, would be an evil psychopathic shit: > Over 225,000 dead in the tsunami? Tectonic weapons designed to fit the scientific robotik agenda. (added by Feòrag, 1st February 2005.)
  • Tsunami a Bush Regime Operation - misc.invest.stocks, 2nd February 2005. (added by Feòrag, 3rd February 2005.)
  • 1st. Anniversary Of Jewish Tsunami Devistation! - alt.rush-limbaugh, 26th December 2005.
    The earthquake that caused tidal waves to slam into the coast of Southeast Asia, killing at least 145,000 people, could have been the result of joint American, Israeli and Indian underwater weapons testing, an Egyptian weekly and other Arab media charged.
    (added by Feòrag, 8th January 2006.)


  • Tsunmai December 26, 2004 ... Waves of Consciousness - Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website, not dated, but December 2004. There is also an update to this article in January 2005, with more 'information'.
    In the energies of the Full Moon in Cancer [water] planet Earth experienced a 9.0 underwater Asian earthquake disaster - with resulting tsunamis in the Indian Ocean whose magnitude will not be known for months to come.
    (added by Feòrag, 21st March 2005.)
  • Tsunami and Bible Prophecy - Christian Webmasters Forum, 28th December 2004.
    thedrumchannell: Have you all been aware of the teunamis that have been hitting asia? This seem to me like a fulfillment of the Lords word :: "Earthquakes and Famines" I find this to be so interesting because we know that the Lord is going to return soon!!
    songdove: can't be dogmatic about it, but I found it strangely coincidental that the areas hardest hit were countries that had begun to heavily persecute Christians in the past few months again. I don't believe in coincidences either.
    Warning - much of this discussion is sickening (added by Feòrag, 27th January 2005.)
  • A Generation Ends - Elijah1, 1st January 2005.
    Just as Christmas symbolizes Christ's first coming, so this 9.0 quake symbolizes his second coming.
    (added by Feòrag, 14th January 2005.)
  • Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation; 6 Ix, 2 Chen, 13 Eb - Planetary Activation Organization, 4th January 2005.
    Recently, your global society suffered a great tragedy in Southeast and East Asia. This calamity was caused by the need to relieve the pressure of two large tectonic plates pushing up against one another. In a message a couple of weeks ago, we informed you that Mother Earth needs to move into the next stage of her return to full consciousness. This coming stage presages a vast increase in seismic and volcanic activity. Mother Earth accomplishes these movements in a manner that causes minimal loss of life. If the entirety of these two plates had moved, the loss of life would have been in the tens of millions! Again we caution you about the need to understand these immense processes in the broadest of perspectives. Mother Earth is preparing herself for your new reality. This means that, eventually, the Earth as you know her will alter enormously. Her electromagnetic fields and even their polarity will change. Likewise, her appearance and the processes by which she maintains herself and her highly diverse ecosystem will alter.
    This provoked a response from the legendary Robert E. McElwaine on the 20th January (see below) (added by Feòrag, 25th February 2005.)
  • Satan and the tsunami - snopes.com forums, 7th January 2005.
  • Face of God in the waves (photo here; annotated picture here.) - eBaum's World Forum, 9th January 2005.
  • Allah: God signed name in tsunami, claim clerics (pictures at globalsecurity.org) - Sydney Morning Herald, via Religion News Blog, 10th January 2005. Also Allah leaves his autograph on tsunami waves - Pravda, 13th January 2005.
  • Thanks for the tsunami, God! - Control your Feelings, Control Your LIFE!, 11th January 2005.
    Do you realize what God just did? He created a global-sized catastrophe to get our Attention! He saw that us humans STILL haven't figured out how to get along, so he decided to help. He created such a huge problem - - more bodies litter the earth today than any other single day in history - - in an effort to get us to GET ALONG.
    (added by Feòrag, 16th January 2005.)
  • RSS puts 'hate hoardings' in Bhopal - Times of India, 13th January 2005.
    Another refers to the tsunami, saying that disasters have struck the country whenever the feelings of Hindus have been hurt.
    (added by Feòrag, 16th January 2005.)
  • Coping with disaster part four - Portland State University Vanguard, 13th January 2005. Hisham Qaisi:
    [the tsunami is] a wake up call for us to realize just how powerful that Allah really is. For those Muslims that don't pray, for those Muslims that don't practice, this is a reminder.
    (added by Feòrag, 19th January 2005.)
  • The Third Secret - The Daily Grail, 13th January 2005.
    Regarding the Third Secret of Fatima: Some think that the Vatican only released a portion of the secret, the part about a pope being shot. If indeed that was only a part of the secret, what else was told to the children by Mary? Why, if this is true, did the Vatican hold back some of the information? Does anyone know if the hidden portion of the secret has to do with:...the natural changes (melting ice) and disasters (tsunamis) now occuring around the globe?
    (added by Feòrag, 22nd January 2005.)
  • Indonesian Muslims calling tsunami warning from God - Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 18th January 2005.(added by Feòrag, 19th January 2005.)
  • My Reply to TSUNAMI Explanation by GALACTIC FEDERATION - Robert E. McElwaine in alt.alien.visitors, 4th January 2005.
    In one or more past Updates, The Galactic Federation bragged about having TRANSPORTER BEAMS that can TELEPORT LARGE NUMBERS of People, QUICKLY and SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    The Galactic Federation had PLENTY of time (25 minutes for Sumatera, much longer elsewhere) to move ALL of the TSUNAMI VICTIMS OUT OF HARM'S WAY, but did NOT.


    Like the spiritual hierarchy, mother earth ALSO is part of the NEGATIVE POWER, as described in my Article NEGATIVE Divinities which can be found at http://members.aol.com/rem460/badgods.txt and at http://www.geocities.com/remspiral7/badgods.txt.
    (added by Feòrag, 25th February 2005.)
    The Asian event is doubly interesting in the light of Catholic prophecy.
    (added by Feòrag, 22nd January 2005.)
  • The Tsunami murders - RUSH failed - LIBERATOR in alt.music.rush, alt.fan.clint-eastwood, alt.music.bon-jovi, alt.fan.kirsten-dunst, rec.martial-arts, 23rd January 2005.
    RUSH is friends with the people that orchestrated this conspiracy, to murder, to sabotage the asian economys to "need" intervention, of which the U.S. can move in, invest, and redevelop the prime real estate, to profit by, and the main aim of this was really to demonize Muslim religion, by using the "non funding" response from Muslims... I guarantee you it was Jews behind this, from Hollywood. And RUSH knows them, Clint Eastwood & his group know them unknowingly. Bon Jovi the same.
    LIBERATOR later added to this list in another cross-posted item, Aviator is BULLSHIT - It SUCKED!!:
    And Spielberg was involved in the Tsunami conspiracy to take control of the Asian countrys to erase Muslim/Islam.
    (added by Feòrag, 3rd February 2005.)
  • The Tsunami was foretold in the Balance Bible Code, along with the day when it occurred. - Bible Code Prophecy, not dated. (added by Feòrag, 27th January 2005.)
  • TSUNAMI DISASTER: PREVIEW OF APOCALYPSE? (more, different, Bible Codes) - Satan's Rapture (OFFICIAL SITE FOR ESCAPE 666, PASTOR HARRY, THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA-INTERNET), not dated. (added by Feòrag, 27th January 2005.)
  • Tsunami Was God's Punishment Claims Former Chief Rabbi - The Scotsman, 31st January 2005 (also Ireland Online the same day.
    The tsunami that ravaged southern Asia last month was God's punishment for world support for Israel's plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, a former chief rabbi has claimed. "When the Holy One, Blessed be He, is angry with the nations of the world that don't help Israel -- but want to evacuate and disengage, and interfere in our affairs and harm us -- then the Holy One, Blessed be He, claps his hands in sadness, and this causes the quake," former Israeli Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu told the ultra-Orthodox Ma'ayanei Hayeshua magazine.
    (added by Feòrag, 14th February 2005.)
  • A Crescendo of Warnings!/A World-Changing Event! - Last Trumpet Newsletter, February 2005.
    On Friday, December 24, 2004, the Associated Press published a story and an astrological chart that was presented by Thailand�s government and their astrologer, Phinyo Phongchareon. This resident astrologer at the University in Bangkok predicted a year of trouble and turmoil for Thailand politically. (5) This was two days before the great earthquake and resulting tsunami hit that idolatrous land so infamous for witchcraft and prostitution. I was once an astrologer until the Lord Jesus mercifully called me out and delivered me from it. I can tell you first hand and from experience that all astrology is witchcraft of the first magnitude... In India's Andhra Pradesh State, 32 people were involved in a moon-worship ceremony when the massive wave picked them up, carried them out to sea, drowned them, and tossed them back on shore dead at their exact place of worship... The great earthquake and tsunami took place just as the witches' sabat of Yule ended and on the very day of the full moon.
    Where just as...Yule ended really means several days later! (added by Feòrag, 3rd February 2005.)
  • Tsunami was 'divine visitation upon Sabbath pleasure seekers' - The Scotsman, 10th February 2005. Presbyterian minister John MacLeod said:
    It has to be noted that the wave arrived on the Lord's Day, the day that God has set apart to be observed the world over by a holy resting from all employments and recreations that are lawful on other days.
    (added by Feòrag, 14th February 2005. Thanks to tjc for spotting it.)
  • Re: Many People Know...Our Govt Was Behind 9/11 - alt.conspiracy, misc.survivalism, soc.men, 20th February 2005. Charles Aulds reprints a letter from a young woman at his dad's Southern Baptish church:
    I've had my eyes opened in the last few months, and I don't like what I see. I think that there is a very good possibility that the USA is the beast. I believe that we are about to see the opening of the third seal soon. I've been doing a serious Bible study with a friend for a few months now, and I've come to know more about prophecy than I've ever known. (Not that I know that much, mind you)

    I believe the tsunami was the sign of Jonah that is talked about in the Gospels.

    I believe that we will see a HUGE natural disaster in the US within the next year - 2 years tops that will bring about martial law - which will make the verichip mandatory.
    (added by Feòrag, 25th February 2005.)


(There is some overlap between this category and 'Religious Insights', above.)



(There is some overlap between this category and 'Science Fiction', above.)

  • Was the Asian disaster caused by meteor? - Right Nation, 27th December 2004.
    Last week Indonesia, where the quake originated that caused the tsunami (or great wave), was hit with a meteor shower. I was watching a show on Nostradamous last night and one of his predictions was that a meteor shower would hit the Earth and cause great waves.
    (added by Feòrag, 18th January 2005.)
  • Tsunami UFO conspiracy brewing - Strange Attractor, 3rd January 2005.
  • sf/imc claims ufo's responsible for tsunami - Utah Indymedia, 11th January 2005. (added by Feòrag, 16th January 2005. Note that I cannot find any reference to this on the San Francisco Indymedia site.)
  • Tsunami & HAARP - alt.conspiracy, alt.conspiracy.new-world-order, alt.politics.uk, aus.politics, us.politics, 9th January 2005.
    A fairly standard HAARP conspiracy, until we reach this point:
    Given the obsession the Illuminati have with numbers and dates makes this even more suspicious. Numbers 11, 22 and 33 have a high symbolic value for these people. Could this explain that: Sept 11 = 9+1+1 = 11 and Dec 26 = 1+2+2+6 = 11
    (added by Feòrag, 3rd February 2005.)
  • Tsunami Conspircy - Hollywood / Nazis / NWO - Uniting Reality and Imagination Forum, 11th January 2005.
  • QUAKE IN IRAN ON 12/26/2003 AND THE ASIAN QUAKE ON 12/26/2004 CONTAIN OCCULT SIGNATURE: WERE THEY TRIGGERED BY EITHER HAARP OR SCALAR WAVES? - Cutting Edge Ministries, not dated, and currently subscription only.
    When you understand the occult numbers and characteristics of these two devastating earthquakes, you will be able to determine for yourself whether HAARP or Scalar weapons waves were used to trigger them. Possibilities are more than interesting; they are staggering.
    (added by Feòrag, 20th January 2005.)
  • Did Nostradamus predict the Asian Tsunami? - VJ Hewitt's Time and Nostradamus, not dated. (added by Feòrag, 20th January 2005.)
  • WORLD-SHAKING DISCOVERY... UFO FOUND ON BEACH AFTER KILLER TSUNAMI Alien pilots & missing woman are onboard! - Weekly World News, 24th January 2005. (added by Red Wolf, 25th January 2005.)
  • Insider in NASA reveals the earth's is going through the tail of several comets - 'Warhol' in alt.conspiracy, 17th March 2005.
    I see a mass genocide in the making, but everbody [Nasa temple High priest... The Elected Zog's and their helpers] is keeping his stupid Mouth, as they Kept their mouth shout when that tusami hitted Sri Lanka.... How Many Dead??? 300.000.
    (added by Feòrag, 18th March 2005.)
  • The cube - Anonymous in alt.conspiracy, 20th March 2005. Sacred geometry
    The Tsunami disaster 1821 days [into the new millennia - sic.] and that is 2 times 910.5.
    The author, declares that It is the ultimate conspiracy and what has allowed some people to be in control. (added by Feòrag, 21st March 2005.)
  • Evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs controlling tectonic movements, earthquakes and Tsunamis through electromagnetic flux - India Daily, 18th April 2005. (added by Feòrag, 19th April 2005.)
  • Tsunami caused by Aliens (again) - untitled comment made by Oh-Yeah! (QuePirate really) Pagan Prattle, 25th April 2005.
    Has anybody noticed the position of the new moon crescent now as cheshire cat smile (crescent on it's back) rather than standing up like it was prior to Dec 26 earthquake? phases of moon also changed. absolute evidence of change in lunar orbit. But without major force required to push moon out of orbit, orbital change represents supernatural event.
    He'd previously mentioned this inaccurate observation, without connecting it to the tsunami, in March 2005: The origin of the word 'lunatic' - Pagan Prattle, 18th March 2005. (added by Feòrag, 25th April 2005.)


  • SYDNEY DESTRUCTION WRITTEN ON THE WALL ! - aus.religion.christian, 7th January 2005.
    So are some of the present signs of incoming Sydney total destruction on the 17th of January next by 9.2 Quakes, following by raging gas fires in the crumbled city and finally followed by a 100 m high Tsunami hitting it on a 90 km front 10 minutes later .... that Tsunami of course bringing total destruction as far as 40 km inland and as far as Townsville in Qld ( and same distance South )... On the 18th the danger will be behind us, and a proof of it will be brought forward through a volcanic eruption releasing the pressure.
    (complete with delightfully racist, 'Celtic' rant) (added by Feòrag, 1st February 2005.)
  • UFO Sighting and Strange Signals reported again in Indian Ocean sub tectonic experiment? - India Daily, 24th January 2005.
    The number of wild animals in the coastal areas also has diminished. Why are animals not coming back to the ocean coastal areas? Are they sensing possibility of another Tsunami?
    (added by Feòrag, 31st January 2005.)
  • Eight more quakes in Andaman-Nicobar -- aftershock epicenters moving northwards -- someone building tectonic plate level tunnel towards Himalayas? - India Daily, 31st January 2005.
    It seems if someone is building a tunnel many miles below the earth's surface, they are doing it very carefully. The tremors have no pattern and the moving average of the Richter scale readings are not going down.
    (added by Feòrag, 31st January 2005.)
  • We'll Be Leaving May 13th - Order Of The Isolinear Temple in alt.conspiracy, 4th February 2005.
    We know full well the tsunami in the Indian Ocean was a precursor of future calamities to come. The cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise further solidified our beliefs.
    (added by Feòrag, 7th February 2005.)
  • Underwater disturbance points towards another larger tsunami due to a larger earthquake in the exact same spot - India Daily, 12th February 2005. (added by Feòrag, 14th February 2005.)
  • Re: Thread 33. - John F. Winston in alt.conspiracy, 12th February 2005.
    Q-Files Radio Program, Scientist Stan Deyo issued a Warning about a possible building Cascade Subduction Zone 9.0+ Earthquake that could produce not only a 9.0 Quake but also resulting multiple tsunamis' that could last 8 to 10 hours, washing back and forth,causing much destruction.
    (added by Feòrag, 10th March 2005.)
  • Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments near Sumatra � are they trying to diffuse a super volcano repeat eruption like the one 74,000 years back - India Daily, 11th March 2005.
    ...the Sumatra epicenter of the earthquake that caused the landslide and Tsunami in late December and caused the Tsunami is in the same area where a mega volcano erupted 74,000 years back and killed almost all living beings on the earth... The 74,000 year cycle is supposed repeat within a few years.
    (added by Feòrag, 11th March 2005.)
  • Corrections Of The Matthew Material - 'channelled' message posted by John F. Winston in alt.conspiracy, 17th March 2005.
    Now, there is a message evidently circulating the Internet that there are going be to some pretty awesome earth changes in the Mediterranean area. The message states that the Mediterranean basin is quite polluted and huge Tsunamis are going to cleanse it. The message seems to indicate that there will be quake activity around Spain. The message states that the Island of Corsica will be split in half. I will give you a little Physics and common sense lesson here.
    This is criticising an earlier, fascinating-sounding, conspiracy which I've yet to locate. It apparently includes the claim that Atlantis and Lemuria are going to re merge, which the entity behind the rebuttal agrees is true. (added by Feòrag, 18th March 2005.)


  • Why did US base escape tsunami? - BBC News, 5th January 2005. Eddie in New York:
    Actually, since this island is British owned and merely "leased" to the United States Navy, Commander James Bond disclosed the evil plot to the American commander, who then promptly raised the "Anti-Tsunami" barrier which encircles the island...
    (added by Feòrag, 31st January 2005.)
  • Get ready for another fake "terror attack", a la 911 - Owamanga in alt.conspiracy, alt.politics.bush, misc.survivalism and alt.california, 11th February 2005.
    Ahhh, but you left out the bit about the real Flight 77 then getting it's wings cut off and converted into a special submarine with 160 windows so that top US & Russian officials could watch the Tsunami from just off the Sri-Lankan coastline. It's rumored that tickets on Sub-77 cost more than superbowl.

    I'm not suggesting we created the Tsunami, far from it. Apparently the Government has been able to talk to Dolphins since the late 80's, and they told us it was coming. I guess their computers are better than ours, and er, probably waterproof too.
    (added by Feòrag, 14th February 2005.)

This entry will be updated when we find any more. See also Ignore those gods, it was aliens. - Pagan Prattle, 11th January 2005; Second deity claims responsibiliy for disaster - Pagan Prattle, 11th January 2005; A Warning From God - Pagan Prattle, January 2005; With a God like this, who needs Satan? - Pagan Prattle, 31st December 2004.

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1: Posted by: Red Wolf | January 14, 2005 4:25 AM

I wish I could say that it took a lot of digging to find these gems, but it was way too easy. It appears that mental health facilities world-wide like to allow in-patients access to the internet.

2: Posted by: A.R.Yngve | January 16, 2005 9:46 PM

I wonder, when demagogues peddle loony conspiracy theories about the tsunami disaster:

1. do they themselves believe their statements, or are they consciously lying?

2. How large segments of the public are prepared to believe (or at least claim they believe in) these conspiracy theories?

3. Would a major political leader -- say, in Indonesia -- use such a theory as part of foreign policy? (Or is that already happening?)

4. Is there no limit to human folly?

3: Posted by: Feòrag | January 17, 2005 5:52 PM

I think I have an answer only to the last of those questions - “Is there no limit to human folly?” - and that answer is “no”. While depressing at first, there is a bright side to this - if human folly was to reach its limit, we'd have nothing to write about here.

4: Posted by: Kathryn Cramer | January 20, 2005 10:21 PM

I had encoutered some of these but was uncertain how to work them into a blog post.

5: Posted by: Feòrag | January 20, 2005 11:09 PM

After posting a couple of the conspiracies, we began to run out of wit and clever commentary, so we opted for the comprehensive approach instead.

6: Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge | January 25, 2005 5:05 PM

Might I suggest a poll to determine the daftest?

7: Posted by: Feòrag | January 25, 2005 7:35 PM

I think Red Wolf just took the prize with her latest addition from the Weekly World News.

8: Posted by: Red Wolf | January 25, 2005 10:42 PM

Was most amused by what else was found on the craft, especially the strange combination:

A food synthesizer able to replicate any food
A McDonald's Happy Meal

WWN breaks the news again; McDonald's is not food.

9: Posted by: madcat | February 15, 2005 5:36 AM

The Grand Unifing Conspiracy Theory: Or Why You Shouldn't Drink Nyquil Then Read This Page

In short, my theory is:
"God inspired the aliens that took their UFOs back in time a few years to help fundimentalists of all religions join forces to develop HAARP-related earthquake/tsunami causing technology!"

Perhaps I'll be able to flesh it out some more after Saterday Night, when I will seek out the wisdom of the old man simple known as the Old German ( http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/rate_results/410/6070/ )

10: Posted by: Bozza | March 17, 2005 5:58 PM

the alphabet is a conspiracy against freedom to express your opinions freely

11: Posted by: Feòrag | March 17, 2005 6:44 PM

Good start, Bozza, but how does that tie in with the tsunami?

12: Posted by: GOD | April 28, 2005 1:26 PM

I created the tsunami you spams

13: Posted by: Feòrag | April 28, 2005 7:36 PM

You have to wonder about the omniscience of an alleged deity who failed to notice that this entry has a whole section on nutters who say that the tsunami was God's doing, and takes 3½ months to notice this article!

14: Posted by: BJ | January 15, 2006 11:39 AM

Just a quick thanks and complaint. Thanks for the great work - I haven't laughed so much for ages as I have at some of these (with due regard to the sobering fact that unfortunately there are a lot of people who believe in it all). My only complaint is - with so much to read I end up spending far too much time reading it! So I'm off now to get a life - but I'll be back.

Thanks again, BJ

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