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January 19, 2005

Love Me (Satan) Do

by Feòrag

A bizarre posting on Indymedia Canarias makes some rather interesting allegations about The Beatles:

John Lennon's divorce followed, as well as his entering the world of black magic, as deeply as to buy the apartment where the Rosemary's baby had been filmed, previous property of Roman Polansky, and in that same apartment John Lennon had a room upholstered with black silk where he used to do his black magic operations.

At the same time, the devil acted through his other main puppets with Sympathy for the devil, that was when the pact of the Rolling Stones with Satan took the life of the founder of the group, guitarist Brian Jones (who refused to be a puppet of the devil), murdered by people sent by Mick Jagger, another assassin, who after wanted the world to believe that such a brilliant swimmer as Brian drowned in his own pool….

Antichrist John Lennon followed the Devil's strategy writing lyrics such as God is a concept by which we measure our pain...I don't believe in Jesus, etc., etc., (God) and and no religions too...(Imagine).

Obviously George Harrison is dead because God killed him to punish him for his Hindu beliefs, but our anonymous, multuple-personality correspondent forgets to stick to defaming the dead, and starts to project his own insecurities onto Paul McCartney

Paul admitted that he made Linda suffer a lot, but he didn't say that it was because he felt insecure as a man due to his womanish face and effeminate manners and also because with his age his sexual power was not the same, even though it has never been much. The early days were the days of competition between Paul and his wife and John and his wife and he knew he had to compete with ugly John for the leadership of the band in front of their wives and having Yoko Ono made him aware of his lack of virility and repressed homosexuality, he grew the beard that we see in the "Let it Be" film and started to show pictures of naked women on the same film, doing every effort he could to be seen as a man.... It is easy to note the uneasiness of McCartney when he sings: "I've got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide..." in front of Yoko in the film. (He already had the traumas that his previous girlfriend Jane Asher had caused him when she made him conscious of his little manliness and effeminate manners).

Paul has such a big inferiority complex as a man, due to his effeminate face, body and personality and due to his repressed homosexuality that he found himself a handicapped woman with only one leg, so that he could stand out, being very conscious that a full woman would make him feel the superiority of virile men again, as Jane and Linda did. This is something that his ego trip of lucky bad musician could not face anymore….He is very conscious that money and fame cannot buy virility and manliness.

Ringo Starr is not mentioned before we reach the inevitable barking-mad fundie conclusion:

After the Devil began his devastating job from the ghostly Devil's Island through his nine main puppets (Beatles-Rolling Stones), he possessed an endless amount of other schizophrenic bad musicians in the afore mentioned Island and weakening their conscience with drugs, he made them proclaimers of homosexuality, aversion to religion, destruction of family values, dissipation, mental illness, antisocial tendencies, etc., etc.,

The fact that bad apprentice musicians such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones achieved such a giant fame that not even the real quality musicians could achieve, was because the forces of Satan were behind everything, supporting the process.

This mentally ill humanity, destroyed families, twisted moral values, manifest or repressed homosexuality in human beings, anti natural feminism rebellion, drug addiction, corrupt social outlines, mad youths without direction, non respect to hierarchies, convulsed nations, misanthropy, misogyny, paedophilia, irrational and feeble lasciviousness and all other type of existent aberrations, are due to the vast manoeuvre that Satan executed through his main marionettes the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, from the Devil's Island.

If you wonder why there is misery and curse in your house, it is because you own some L.P, CD or another article related to the CURSED BY GOD Beatles and Rolling Stones. We recommend you to take that curse out of your house throwing away everything related to the Devil's main nine puppets....

Note: I'm not going to make any sarcastic comments about 'Christian English' here as the writer is clearly not a native English speaker. If you read Spanish and find a Spanish-language version which shows the traditional illiteracy, do let us know.

The Beatles caused the disintegration of mankind - Indymedia Canarias, 18th January 2005.

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