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January 29, 2005

Tory tries Political Correctness, gets religions mixed up.

by Feòrag

England: A prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party claims that a proposed design for a Labour poster is anti-semitic. The poster shows the faces of leading Tories Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin, coincidentally both of Jewish descent, superimposed on winged pigs, with the slogan The day the Tory sums add up. Apparently, while we were not looking, Judaism secretly turned into Islam, if the claims of Andrew Mennear, that there was nothing more distasteful for a Jewish person than to be associated with a pig, are true.

In reality, Jewish law only forbids eating the flesh of a pig,--a Jew may use a hogshair brush, for example. Perhaps Mennear needs to study a bit more--maybe he could start by finding out which old cliché the proposed poster refers to.

Labour pig poster 'anti-Semitic' - BBC News, 28th January 2005.

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