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February 3, 2005

Tedious Canadian rock band caused the tsunami

by Feòrag

Just when you think that there cannot possibly be any more to add to The Great Tsunami Conspiracy List, something comes along that makes you wonder if it's the work of a postgraduate AI student, hoovering the cat and generally avoiding writing their thesis. In this case, the questionable character is one LIBERATOR, who postulates that the band Rush is part of a tsunami-creating conspiracy.

The gifts I used lastnight to detect RUSHs idiot band people at the bar, as well as knowing the Virginia Newbon porn people were actually her people, even talking to her in the bar as they looked at me.

Jewish trillionaires engineered this. First I need good psychics, to track this. Study the situation. Identify them, and they are being shielded by witches, that probably befriend RUSH and talk to RUSH daily, they trained Virginai Newbon, thus having personal access gives them ability to provide false signals that lead them astray.

The Tsunami murders - RUSH failed - alt.music.rush, alt.fan.clint-eastwood, alt.music.bon-jovi, alt.fan.kirsten-dunst, rec.martial-arts, 23rd January 2005.

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