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February 15, 2005

Deaf Group Refused Communicator at Pagan Event

by Feòrag

Note: This matter has now been resolved, to the satisfaction of SignPagan.

England: The following arrived in my inbox, and was originally scheduled for publication somewhere with a much bigger readership then here. In light of the note above, this has become unnecessary.

On the 5th March, a group who claim to promote an ethical approach to Wicca in the UK are holding a national event at Fairfield Halls in Corydon. It is expected to attract hundreds of people with talks, workshops and a huge collection of market stalls. The event is due to finish with a ball until one in the morning.

Crystal Rose, a Deaf Witch from Derby wanted to go to this event with some friends but was concerned that she would not be able to make the most of it without a BSL communicator. She is also a founding member of the SignPagan project which aims to increase Deaf access to alternative-faiths and events across the country.

When SignPagan contacted Children of Artemis, the group responsible for this event, they were unresponsive. Eventually they claimed that Fairfield Halls would be too small to accommodate a BSL communicator, despite the event attracting hundreds of people. Children of Artemis then explained that the only way that the group would be allowed to bring a communicator or interpreter would be if they bought them a ticket. Even after receiving all of the information regarding the Disability Discrimination Act, they still refused to make any allowances and eventually stopped responding.

SignPagan contacted Fairfield Halls to ask for their opinion as the venue provider. An official at Fairfield explained that according to their disability access policy, a person in a wheelchair must pay for a ticket but their attendant does not have to pay because they are viewed as a service and not a consumer, they did not see why this should be any different for a Deaf person with a communicator.

(Contact details supplied)

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1: Posted by: Geist3 | February 16, 2005 1:23 PM

If you want to send them a comment you can on their webpage.

It's quite sad that people don't care to make an effort for minorities.

2: Posted by: Neil Wood -Gaiger | June 9, 2005 11:27 AM


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3: Posted by: Wendy Stuart | January 28, 2008 10:40 AM

I have just read about the deaf lady haveing trouble with CoA. CoA is totally out of order,years ago i did join them and told them i was learning BSL stage 1.I can.t have been the only one who,s learnt BSL.and a member of coa.i haven,t had anything to do with CoA for years now.they think more about making money. and i don,t want anything to do with them.shame on CoA for making this lady feel bad,Its not our fault we have disableabitys i have perrie- robins syndrome.you would think that in this day and age that fellows pagans would treat us as normal .

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