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February 21, 2005

Catholics the new satanists

by Feòrag

United States: Bizarre allegations have surfaced during an investigation into the death of a nun, Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, in 1980. Bizarre allegations which bear a stunning familiarity to the completely bogus ritual abuse myth which was circulated by fundies in the late 1980s and early 90s.

An investigation by The Blade based on hundreds of police and diocese records, as well as interviews, shows that prosecutors are still examining details of the slaying - including a pattern of stab wounds resembling a cross - while interviewing people about the abuse allegations in an expanded probe.

Investigators have talked to numerous priests and former students at local Catholic grade schools to determine if they knew anything about children being molested in bizarre ceremonies involving a small ring of clerics, according to several people interviewed by police.

I'm sure they have learned the lessons of the 80s and will not be asking any leading questions.

Four women told detectives about being abused between the late 1960s and 1986 during cult-like ceremonies involving altars and men dressed in robes, the accusers told The Blade. I've had nightmares about this since I was a child, said one woman, who asked not to be named. I didn't think anyone would believe me.

She did not explain why she failed to come forward during the original moral panic, when her claims whould have been treated sympathetically and with absolute credulity. This particular case stems from a single woman who had undergone therapy, although we will have to wait for the case to go to court to discover if she was genuinely abused by the priests, or merely convinced that she had been by her therapist.

A 41-year-old woman appeared before a church review board in June, 2003, with a simple request: She wanted the diocese to pay for more than $50,000 in counseling costs she incurred as an alleged victim of clerical sex abuse.

But her story wasn't like dozens of others exploding in the diocese over the last decade. She said she had been a victim of ritualistic sexual abuse by a group of priests.

She claimed they gathered in church basements and rectories in "cult-like ceremonies" where children were molested and ordered to watch other youngsters being abused. She named four clerics, including Chet Warren, a former Oblates of St. Francis de Sales priest ousted from his order in 1993 after five other women accused him of sexual misconduct.

She claimed Father Warren had orchestrated her repeated abuse, including arranging one encounter with the man now facing murder charges: Father Robinson.

The investigation has so far failed to produce any real evidence:

Police launched their own investigation into the woman's dark accusations. They looked at a remote, abandoned home on Raab Road in western Lucas County that matched the description of a house where the woman said she was raped in group sessions in the late 1970s but were unable to find any evidence the house was used for ritual sex sessions.

But the women have a true believer on their side, who woud like us to completely ignore the fact that the allegations are all part of popular folklore, and that we've seen this stuff before.

Ms. Hoolahan, who has filed more than a dozen complaints against the diocese in sex-abuse cases, said police should continue focusing on the ritual-abuse accusations. When you have that many people offering corroborating statements, it makes you wonder, she said. You have to take this seriously.

Or maybe it was all true, and it was Catholic priests, not Satanists and witches, all along? Whatever, it should keep Jack Chick occupied for a while.

Dark allegations arise amid probe of nun's slaying - Toledo Blade, 20th February 2005; Police investigate alleged cult rituals by Ohio priests - The Beacon Journal (via Religion News Blog), 21st February 2005.

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1: Posted by: Mssngr | September 28, 2005 4:35 PM

Th Pgn Prttl!

Wll, y ll hv gt th lst art rght!!



2: Posted by: A Voice of Sanity | September 8, 2008 5:19 AM

See Father Gerald Robinson's case for much on this case and the shameful conviction.

The (Toledo) Blade quotes the defense brief on the "Satanism" theory presented to the jury: it was "inherently unreliable, was of minimal probative value, lacked foundation, impermissibly stereotyped [Robinson] as the anti-Christ, invited the jury to speculate on the issue of guilt, and sensationalized the entire proceeding.?

Well, it was enough to get Father Robinson's case on national television, so the sensationalism charge seems to me to be irrefutible. Many media outlets gave generous coverage to the real life Da Vinci Code murder.

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