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March 22, 2005

Bargain of the Day: Another door.

by Feòrag

Clearly inspired by an earlier effort, today we have another divine door, even if all I can see is Gandalf! The vendors insist this is a Miracle Door-Image of God's Face

[A veneered door]This wooded door has an image of the face of God (look for yourself). This image appeared at a time when our family was going through problems. Since the appearance, it had brought positive outcomes and our faith back. Our family calls this door the Miracle Door. The door measures approximately 23 1/2" wide and 78 1/2" long.

You will not regret buying this door. This door will only bring you positive outcomes. Seller paying shipping cost!!!

You know, looking more closely at that image, it looks more like Satan than anything else - you can even see the horns! Ain't nature wonderful?

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