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April 19, 2005

Tsunami caused by Aliens (again)

by Feòrag

The Great Tsunami Conspiracy List continues to grow. The latest addition concerns the shocking discovery that it was not a natural disaster!

Geologists and Physicists are perplexed at some new data analysis of a phenomenon that is well known for many decades. For the first time it is shedding some light on a the fact that many UFO researchers believed for many years -- Extraterrestrial UFOs control the tectonic movements and the resultant earthquakes as well as resulting Tsunamis.

The phenomenon in question is that of "earthquake lights" - strange lights which are sometimes witnessed before major tectonic movements.

There are some beliefs that these earthquake lights are created by earth's electromagnetic flux during such high release of energy during tectonic movements and earthquakes. Researchers now have found that these lights do not occur in all tectonic tremors. The lights are seen only in non-harmonic tremors (signifies non volcanic tremors) and in many cases they are just not there if the length of the tremor period is considerably less.

The new findings point towards artificial electromagnetic flux trying to create or more like prevent large tectonic movements. In many cases the lights point towards a focused concentrated electromagnetic flux application on a specific spot to accelerate or prevent the tectonic movements.

The scientific evidences point towards extraterrestrial UFOs manipulating the tectonic plates through focused application of electromagnetic flux. Eventually in the next fifty to hundred years, some physicists believe that terrestrial technologies will also advance to control earthquakes and Tsunamis in a very similar way.

All perfectly logical.

Evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs controlling tectonic movements, earthquakes and Tsunamis through electromagnetic flux - India Daily, 18th April 2005.

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1: Posted by: Oh-Yeah! | April 25, 2005 8:48 PM

Has anybody noticed the position of the new moon crescent now as cheshire cat smile (crescent on it's back) rather than standing up like it was prior to Dec 26 earthquake? phases of moon also changed. absolute evidence of change in lunar orbit. But without major force required to push moon out of orbit, orbital change represents supernatural event.

2: Posted by: Feòrag | April 25, 2005 11:39 PM

Hello again, QuePirate. You already mentioned this bollocks a while back. And, of course, you only ever seem to bother mentioning it when it's nowhere near the new moon. Perhaps the moon is showing a crescent right now on your planet? At least you mention the tsunami (by implication) this time, so I can add you to The Great Tsunami Conspiracy List

3: Posted by: Red Wolf | April 27, 2005 12:09 AM

I've been hoping he'd come through with a tsunami theory. It's a sad state of affairs when our pet nut can't explain natural disaters away with aliens, dodgy numerology or some other equally wacky excuse. I feel that all is now right with the world.

But it is odd that he hasn't sent us the latest pimp for whatever eBay scam he's currently running. Surely he has a Pope simulcra appearing in his favourite snack food around now.

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