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September 6, 2005

The Great Hurricane Katrina Conspiracy List

by Feòrag

United States: Okay, I give up. The conspiracy theorists are busy refusing to believe in natural disasters again. This time, it's Hurricane Katrina (and Hurricane Rita) which is the work of evil governments, psychopathic deities and all the usual suspects. No doubt when San Francisco is hit by a huge earthquake, they'll insist that it was totally unexpected, and really the work of their preferred evil. So, here is the traditional Great Conspiracy List to which we'll add as more conspiracies emerge.


  • President Bush was Behind Katrina; Salt Lake City Deluge Coming SoonGreater Things, 5th September 2005.
    U.S. Black Ops and other colluding extra-government shadow-entities have obtained significant mastery of weather engineering after decades of practice. The same cabal that brought us 911 has now brought us Katrina, to push the U.S. and the rest of the world closer to Marshall law. Coming target: Salt Lake City?
    (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • WEATHER WEAPONS IMPLICATED IN HURRICANE KATRINA—anonymous posting in alt.politics (quoting Hal Turner, whose site is not accessible right now), 6th September 2005.
    Was this devastating hurricane, helped along on purpose? When I first read this I thought Yea, sure. Then I read the newspaper stories from places like The New York Times and Treaty language directly from the United Nations web site and thought, holy shit!
    (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • Bush and Cuban Mafia caused Katrina— NCC in alt.conspiracy, 7th September 2005.
    Hurricane Katrina was a man made disaster created by the Bush administration and powerful hard-line Miami Cuban American Mafiosi for the sole purpose of revenge and genocide. Miami Cuban Americans along with the CIA worked hand in hand to create the greatest disaster the American South has seen. Thought by all to be a natural disaster, Katrina was a man made weapon of mass destruction carefully planned and used by the Bush administration and its Cuban American minions. It has been proven many times that Cuban Americans are the ones who stole two elections in South Florida for the Bush crime family, so it comes to no surprise that the Miami mafia was behind Katrina and the black genocide that followed.
    (added by Feòrag, 13th September 2005.)
  • Bush Did It...Hurricane #2—Liberal Lil inalt.conspiracy, 24th September 2005.
    I just knew Bush was not happy with Katrina. He wants to destroy the blacks so he can bolster his voter base.

    Now he is going to let hurricane Rita wipe out the rest of the black voters he couldn't get rid of the first time.
    (added by Feòrag, 24th September 2005.)


  • Religious groups link Hurricane to gay eventGay.com News, 1st September 2005. (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • KATRINA: TORNADO 'DIVINE PUNISHMENT', AL-QAEDA SYMPATHISERSadn Kronos International, 1st September 2005. (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • Senior Kuwaiti Official: Katrina is a Wind of Torment and Evil from Allah Sent to This American EmpireMEMRI, 2nd September 2005.
    In reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the destruction in its wake, a high-ranking Kuwaiti official, Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlaifi, who is director of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowment's research center, published an article titled The Terrorist Katrina is One of the Soldiers of Allah, But Not an Adherent of Al-Qaeda.
    (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005. Spotted by Andrew Ian Dodge.)
  • New Orleans Residents: God's Mercy Evident in Katrina's WakeAgape Press, 2nd September 2005.
    Rev. Bill Shanks, pastor of New Covenant Fellowship of New Orleans, also sees God's mercy in the aftermath of Katrina -- but in a different way. Shanks says the hurricane has wiped out much of the rampant sin common to the city.

    The pastor explains that for years he has warned people that unless Christians in New Orleans took a strong stand against such things as local abortion clinics, the yearly Mardi Gras celebrations, and the annual event known as Southern Decadence -- an annual six-day gay pride event scheduled to be hosted by the city this week -- God's judgment would be felt.
    (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • New Orleans—Chano in soc.culture.jewish.moderated, 2nd September 2005.
    In N.O. there are many people who practice all kinds of mishugassen (black magic, necromancy, voodoo, Devil worship etc). Natural disasters can occur by Divine Will to restore the balance between good and evil, witness Noah's Flood, Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gemora and other natural disasters.... Perhaps the destruction of New Orleans through the agency of Hurricane Katrina falls into this category. It's interesting to reflect that Katrina could be the Hebrew for Kategor Rina (the Accuser rejoices).
    (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • Did God Send the Hurricane?Beliefnet, not dated.
    At least one New Orleans-area resident believes God created the storm as punishment because of the recent role the United States played in expelling Jews from Gaza...

    Meanwhile, spiritual and political environmentalists say that massive hurricanes such as Katrina, along with the Asian tsunami, are messages from the earth, letting humanity know of the earth's pain.
    (added by Feòrag, 6th September 2005.)
  • Did God send Katrina as judgment for Gaza?World Net Daily, 7th September 2005.
    And here there are many obvious connections between the storm and the Gaza evacuation, which came right on top of each other. No one has permission to take away one inch of the land of Israel from the Jewish people.
    (added by Feòrag, 13th September 2005. Spotted by Bartholemew.)
  • Survey Highlights Concerns with Christian Interpretation of New Orleans Disaster; Universist Movement Says Christianity Out of Touch with RealityPR Web, 7th September 2005. (added by Feòrag, 13th September 2005. Spotted by Bartholemew.)
  • Rabbi: Hurricane punishment for pulloutYnetnews, 7th September 2005. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef also claimed that God was punishing black people for being insufficiently superstitious:
    In his weekly sermon, the rabbi said: There was a tsunami and there are terrible natural disasters, because there isn’t enough Torah study... black people reside there (in New Orleans). Blacks will study the Torah? (God said) let’s bring a tsunami and drown them.

    Hundreds of thousands remained homeless. Tens of thousands have been killed. All of this because they have no God, said the rabbi, who already found himself in hot water in the past following controversial remarks of one kind or another.
    (added by Feòrag, 13th September 2005. Spotted by Bartholemew.)
  • Did Bilbo's Critics Cause Katrina?Bartholomew's notes on religion, 15th September 2005. Summary: evangelist claims to have predicted the hurricane, because God told him he would send it to punish the spiritual leaders of New Orleans who had criticised him. (added by Feòrag, 19th September 2005.)


  • The Tsunami that was KatrinaWeather Wars, 30th August 2005.
    [Ivan and Katrina] are both very Russian sounding names. It has been established that the former Soviet Union (fSU) developed and boasted of weather modification technology during the 1960's and 70's with deployment against the United States coming in 1976 with the audible arrival of the woodpecker grid. These weather operations continue to this day.
    (added by Feòrag, 13th September 2005. Spotted by Candice.)
  • Out There: Man-Made HurricanesFox News, 21st September 2005.
    Scott Stevens, a meteorologist who for nine years has been forecasting the weather on KPVI-TV in Pocatello, says the Yakuza — the Japanese mafia — is using a Russian-made electromagnetic generator to launch terrific storms against the U.S. mainland.

    The devastation of New Orleans was in revenge for the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Stevens explains on his Web site. He says it will soon be used again against another major American city.
    (added by Feòrag, 22nd September 2005.)


  • It was the Butterfly Effect, which was started off when the US nuked Japan in 1945—Spudtater speculates late one night in The Auld Hoose (a pub), 16th September 2005. (added by Feòrag, 19th September 2005.)

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1: Posted by: BruceH | September 6, 2005 5:25 PM

Um... how, I wonder, do these religious wack-jobs reconcile the fact that the French Quarter (the area chiefly cited as a hotbed of gay activity) was largely spared by the Hurricane. New Orleans is mostly a pious city. There are churches everywhere. The entire city was inundated, but the one place that was spared is the exact same place these people demonize as ungodly.

It disconnect is stunning.

2: Posted by: Candice | September 7, 2005 6:30 AM

Richard Hoagland thinks that Katrina is new evidence for his Hyperdimensional Hurricanes theory, and has been going on about it in his blog (and on Coast to Coast AM) lately. Once again, he shows his inability to understand how similes work when he fails to notice the words "as if" in the president's comment that "it's as if he entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine"... Plenty of nonsense at weatherwars.info, too. The Russians did it! That, or the Illuminati, I hear.

3: Posted by: Bartholomew | September 8, 2005 8:25 AM

Two more for you:

1. WorldNetDaily gets the low-down from the Israeli far-right:

2. The Unitarian Universalists have undertaken a survey of Christian leaders' opinions. My favourite:

Tim Bourgeois, Tree of Life Christian Church, Canoga Park, California:
"When there are storm winds, they don't just meet because a low pressure area happens to meet with a high pressure area in the upper atmosphere and suddenly this wind just randomly, naturally occurs, and waters randomly fall along with it. This is God's word at work in the midst of his creation."

Intelligent Design Meteorology!

4: Posted by: Bartholomew | September 8, 2005 8:53 AM

And one more, perhaps the worst:

Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef: Hurricane Katrina result of Bush’s support for disengagement, failure of New Orleans’ black residents to study Torah.

..."There was a tsunami and there are terrible natural disasters, because there isn’t enough Torah study… black people reside there (in New Orleans). Blacks will study the Torah? (God said) let’s bring a tsunami and drown them."

According to this site, Yosef used the word "kushim" for "blacks", which is basically the Hebrew version of "n*gger".

5: Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge | September 8, 2005 5:30 PM

A couple more one of each type. The Kos loons think Army Corps blew up a dyke and these nitwits think god's grace saved NOLA despite their wickedness

6: Posted by: Magical Truthsaying Bastard Spidey | September 8, 2005 10:42 PM

Bartholomew: link 2 says its study is from the Universist Movement, whomever they are, rather than the UUs. (We should perhaps call them 'Bruce' to avoid confusion.)

7: Posted by: Kathryn Cramer | September 10, 2005 12:27 AM

As nearly as I can tell a certain amount of the Katrina folklore emerged the traumatized folks stranded in New Orleans, particularly the tales of deliberate levee breaches. I'm really disappointed that snope.com isn't on that one yet.

8: Posted by: Bartholomew | September 15, 2005 5:49 PM

Still more - this time the claim is that the flood was because New Orleans church leaders opposed a local evangelist with the wonderful name of Garland Bilbo. This has come from Kim Clement, who also claims to have predicted this would happen back in July. I've got more here .

9: Posted by: Feòrag | September 15, 2005 5:53 PM

Thanks, Batholemew. I noticed that in your blog this afternoon, but hadn't got round to updating the list. I like the way he claims to have predicted floods in New Orleans, with no particular date. This is presumably as difficult a prediction to make as Pat Robertson's that San Francisco will one day be hit by a major earthquake (because of all the pooves).

10: Posted by: Red Wolf | October 8, 2005 2:33 AM

Not so much a conspiracy theory, but Weekly World News did scoop the story of Katrina bringing down a UFO:

Amazingly, the UFO was blasting concentric circles of light right into the eye of the hurricane. That's when a series of lightning strikes hit the UFO and it suddenly lost control.