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September 19, 2005

The space aliens did it

by Feòrag

India Daily's technology section is a remarkable source of interesting information on UFOs, free energy, weather manipulation and other unusual topics so, naturally, I was drawn to it to see if they had any insights relevant to The Great Hurricane Katrina Conspiracy List. Strangely, they haven't, but I did learn of exciting evidence supporting a 'theory' that the earth, and the life upon it, were designed by space aliens. It seems that this planet is a perfect dynamo and that If Earth's dynamo fails, all life forms will die except some primitive ones. The dynamo was designed to support intelligent life forms in which life can recycle. Obviously, this situation could not arise by chance.

But what is amazing according to some scientists is that the dynamo of the earth is just perfect — a total marvel of engineering in terrestrial standard. That is the kind of technology perfection you can expect from a type III or type IV alien civilization.

Evidence for deliberate design arises from the delicacy of the dynamo's power output and long-term stability. If Earth's dynamo were just a little weaker, the magnetic field it generates would be inadequate to shield life. If it were much stronger, it would cause deadly magnetic storms...

...The dynamo of the earth is so perfect that it is a real engineering and technological marvel. It seems the dynamo is custom tailored to support intelligent life on the earth while rest of the solar system and perhaps the nearest vicinities in the universe are total wacky places for intelligent life to prosper.

It is perhaps designed, built, monitored and maintained by a type III or type IV civilization to recycle ZPEs or Zero Point Energies — the life forms from the Hyperspace.

With this level of proof, and in the interests of 'teaching this controversy', surely this must be given equal time in US science curricula, alongside Intelligent Design and Flying Spaghetti Monsterism?

The perfect dynamo of the earth provides further confirmation that it is made to support intelligent life or ZPEs by advanced extraterrestrial alien civilizationIndia Daily, 31st August 2005.

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1: Posted by: Red Wolf | September 19, 2005 2:13 PM

Yay! FSM gets a mention! May we all be touched by his noodley appendage!

I'd don't think I'd be anywhere as amused if it was for the tentacley bits. A god needs tentacles.

2: Posted by: Ivan | September 20, 2005 3:04 AM

To have your question answered, you should contact the Sigma Planet Building Corporation, in Sector 0 of this Galaxy. That company did build this Planet, which was known by the name of Teegeeack.
Its original design was to have it as an Eco-Park and Zoo, a sort of recreational Park and vacation destination.

That is why there were so many strange animals around until the Catastrophy 75 million years ago. This planet was visited by all sorts of Space tourists and a had a huge local Population on a very small area of its surface.

The Hart Project is trying to mess with the original design which had a built in polar reversal every so many milleniums. They will fail to prevent this reversal.
The reason for the Polar reversal was not clear even to the Engineers that designed it, however the Costumer who paid for the building of this planet wanted it,
so they did it.-
What is not know to earth scientists is that the core of the planet is very cold and not hot.
This near absolute zero temperature was needed to get superconductivity which can keep the magnetic field goind for nearly forever.

3: Posted by: Feòrag | September 20, 2005 10:08 AM

But how does that fit in with the other 'proven' theory that we all arrived on the B-Ark of a doomed planet during what is now called the palæolithic? That needs equal time too!

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