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October 2, 2005

Sex and politics

by Feòrag

Canada: A new political party aims to bring sex into politcs with its platform of sex-positive policies. And they clearly see religion as part of the problem:

[Sex Party Leader John] Ince said politicians at all levels of government are terrified to touch any issue that involves sex because there's a strong, organized religious and moral conservative lobby. The result, he claims, is a Criminal Code filled with archaic laws that criminalize normal, healthy behaviour.

So, how do they plan to redress the balance?

The party would campaign on a platform of overhauling current sex laws, including a repeal of the Criminal Code's prohibition on immoral, indecent performance, entertainment or representation.

Candidates would also press for a national policy on comprehensive sex education in Canadian schools, more liberal laws on recreational nudity in public areas and less censorship.

The party also wants to change Victoria Day to Eros Day and would proclaim Valentine's Day as an official holiday.

A plea for sex role in politicsToronto Sun, 2nd October 2005.

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