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October 23, 2005

Anti-Alien Device Found in Home

by Red Wolf

United States: Moving is a stressful business. Finding that the previous tenants of your new home left something behind can make it even more stressful. Usually that little something extra comes in the form of hidden red wine strains on the carpets and an oven with an inch thick layer or grease and scudge. For new tenants in Iowa, the abandoned item was a device designed to scare off aliens living underground.

Police have taken away a device from a home in Davenport after its new tenants discovered a box containing what they thought was a bomb.

But the house's former owner said it was designed to scare off aliens living underground.

Jessica Harper moved out of the house last month and left behind the box. She said she got it from her mother's friend, an astrologer who Harper describes as off his rocker.

She said she didn't want to throw it away because it wasn't hers.

The new tenants discovered the box Monday and evacuated their home while the local bomb squad investigated.

It seems the local plods are still scratching their heads over the exact purpose of the device, other than an elaborate tin foil hat.

Authorities would not confirm the device's purpose, but they said it looks dangerous.

Tenants Find Alien Protection Device Upon Move-In - Associated Press, 18th October 2005 (via Boingboing).

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