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November 24, 2005

A bit of local interest

by Feòrag

Edinburgh: My efforts to create something for NaNoWriMo have led me to some very interesting places. Somewhere, not far from Prattle Towers (Northern Hemisphere), resides one Andrew Hennessey, author of Monkeys of Eden - the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth, which is available online as a free e-book.

It was his assertions about Edinburgh that were of greatest interest to me [note: garbled text corrected. Like most of the people who attract my interest, he has great trouble using his software, or, as he puts it Monkeys of Eden the ebook on this site seems to have little ascii additions that look greek and chinese - but hey - its all good fun ... I've guessed at the ellpses, as that seems to be a preferred form of punctuation in this type of literature.]

Events which will happen in Edinburgh, Scotland, within the next 10 years will shape the final destiny of mankind on this planet. The descent of the returned Angels of the Covenant, the Elohim is witnessed every night over the Scottish Capital.
Edinburgh, and it is though the very forces of Darkness that billet their HQ’s in Edinburgh are finally confronted by the Angels of Christ in a most apocalyptic manner. It is as if a Star out of Jacob has returned to turn the tide.

However, in the dark reptoid HQ’s of some of the worlds most Satanic organisations which seem to be found in abundance in Edinburgh ... there is an identifiable mindset emanating from the membership that has also turned the capital into a Sodom and Gomorrah of western europe.
But what else could be expected of the Reptoid Priest King Captal of the Planets Surface ... the New World Orders “religious” Capital ... the City of Nihilism, Lunacy and Pornography.

Above, the Returning Stars of the Host of Christ, and below, the dark reptoid iniquity that is the ancient underground evil of Edinburgh.

For me, the story begins in 1980, in Edinburgh, Scotland, for others, there is a much more ancient reality behind Edinburgh and the Lothians; Dark Secrets, arcane bloodlines and a procession of Alien beings and Scottish Thrones receding into the mists of time - to the fabled remains of Atlantis, and the Watchers whose magical powers have stretched across the aeons. They who have waited, trying to guard the gates of the underworld, who have watched, whose grasp on the temporary hopes of humanity today is still yet to be proven and put to the test ... are gathering.
But it looks like that time is soon to come.

The Edinburgh in which he lives seems far more interesting and exciting that the city I live in.

In Edinburgh congregate Satanists ... ie. ; Bishops of strange religions, geomancers, necromancers, nihilists, descendents of Genghis Khan, Pretenders to various thrones, Ninjas, Masters, CIA, MK ultra, MI5, Mi6, DI7, neo-politicians, neo-nazis, new agers, werewolves, vampires, Rainbow Tribes who urge you to take to the hills and take things that grow -... or the meteorite will hit the earth like the cosmic sperm hits the egg, reincarnations of the entire planets aristocracy ... when more than 2 King Henrys meet ... one says how dare you.

But that's only part of the story. Like all such authors, he's being persecuted:

The British Security Service had found a new line in Bullshit to use to intimidate and control using sexual persecution. They keep phoning me up, approaching me on empty trains and this bunch of people around me keep telling me that a fate worse than death awaits me. They wished to abduct me, rape me and mind-control me. Over the past few years I have had people telling me that they are going to surgically alter me and enslave me. Only last night I got a phone call from an illuminati spook who tried to put her dirty and somewhat licentious ideas into my head. She said that I should come on stage with her and play Lady Macbeth, that I should wear female clothes and 'feel powerful', or that I should play the fool for King Lear, or Bottom.

We know the Beautiful Mind of Nobel Prize Winner Nash was messed around with regard to gender roles.
Another who suggested that I should be reconstructed and made to wear a pink dress, [not my colour] and be humiliated in front of butch men. She kept coming over with this crap, saying “you will salute me in my Gestapo uniform” etc. They believe that the human race could be improved by following the nazi and theosophical 6th root race ideal of hermaphrodism, by creating the ideal 'Aryan'. This is just control psychobabble. It is more than likely though, because I am a human monkey who is non-telepathic and of the line of Jacob, that I present a challenge to their crass ideologies of superiority. They probably want to degrade my soul so as to offend God, whom they hate. God took their birthright away from their line of Esau and Joseph and gave it to my Line, the Celtic line of the House of Jacob. This stuff always seems to translate into the Aryan Nazi [English] versus the Jacobean Scots. Nash’s Overlords of Antarctica however, were never going to relinquish their control of the Human Condition to someone as inferior as a clever Monkey. The greatest contempt they display is the ease with which they can debase and pervert the Monkeys they rule. That’s why their Illuminati Subculture is full of perversity.


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1: Posted by: G. Tingey | November 29, 2005 9:19 AM

The loony probably cannae handle the whusky!

2: Posted by: Brian Miller | December 3, 2005 6:34 AM

Wow. Just wow. :)

I canna hold er togethar, CAPTAIN. sHE'S GONNA EXPLODE.

Wax lyrical

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