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December 21, 2005

Axial tilt is the reason for the season

by Feòrag

In case all the nonsense from evangelical Christians had left you confused about the festive season, the kind folk at Astronomy Picture of the Day have posted a graphic reminder of what it is we celebrate at this time of year.

As the seasons change, the direction toward the rising Sun will change, too. The Sun will always rise and set furthest to the south during the day of Winter Solstice, and furthest to the north during Summer Solstice. Today is Winter Solstice, the day of least sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere and of most sunlight in the Southern Hemisphere. In many countries, the Winter Solstice brings a change in season, as it is the first day of winter in the North. The solar heating and stored energy in the Earth's surface and atmosphere is near its lowest during winter, making it usually the coldest months of the year. On the brighter side in the north, daylight hours will increase every day from now until June.

A dramatic composite picture by Anthony Ayiomamitis has been chosen to illustrate the real meaning of Christmas.

Sunrise by SeasonAstronomy Picture of the Day, 21st December 1005.

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1: Posted by: Branwen | December 26, 2005 8:29 PM

Lovely! Now it's all a lot more clear to me.

2: Posted by: Red Wolf | December 26, 2005 9:34 PM

Seasons officially change here on the first of the month of the solstice/equinox instead of on the day of the event. This is because Australia has a long history of deeply stupid politicians, too thick to understand the solstice/equinox. Nothing much has changed here.

3: Posted by: Feòrag | December 26, 2005 9:34 PM

Thanks. I really like this picture of Tijger improving the Nativity on your blog.

4: Posted by: Feòrag | December 26, 2005 9:37 PM

Red Wolf: I'm not sure that "deeply stupid politicians" is a phenomenon restricted to the Antipodes.

5: Posted by: Branwen | December 28, 2005 10:27 AM

Tijger is a very kewl cat, I wish she was mine.

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