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January 8, 2006

Bragain of the Day: bit of fruit

by Feòrag

Today's very special offer is allegedly an Apple Guardian Angel Is It A Miracle, A Sign From God?

[a bit of apple that looks like an angel if you squint]Yesterday I was eating a red delicious apple thinking that all is right in my world when I saw that a small piece of the peeling had dropped from the apple. When I picked it up, I noticed that the shape was a remarkable likeness to what I have always imagined a guardian angel to look like. I could not bring myself to put it in the trash thinking that there must be a reason that it appeared to me like this. Some sort of sign? I am wondering about the significance of the apple (considering what happened with Eve in the garden). I don't know as much about religion and miracles as most people know. But, I do know that right now my life is going pretty well. I am very fortunate to not have any real complaints and do not feel in need of a miracle or divine intervention. So I am thinking that maybe I am simply being used as a messenger and that there may be someone out there who might want this apple angel for their own. It is a small angel as you can see in the picture as compared to a penny. I am willing to pass it on if someone out there wants it. I taped it to a piece of paper using scotch tape. I have not done anything else to preserve it.

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