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October 31, 2006

The Christmas Tree and the Original Sin

by Feòrag

Sheesh, Hallowe'en isn't over yet, and we're being nagged about yuletide! Yeshua_is_king@yahoo.com is a regular contributor to newsgroups such as alt.conspiracy, and seems to be a Jehovah's Witness of some sort. His contributions are rather interesting, his latest drawing connections between the Garden of Eden, willies, bodily fluids, chakras and Christmas trees.

The original sin between Adam and Eve was that they consumned each others own sexual fluids. The tree of the knowledge of good and bad was Adam's penis. If you use a digital camera to take a picture of your erect penis on the side you see when looking down at it and put the picture into your computer you can fit an equilateral triangle around the head of it. This is the Christmas tree. Anamita Muscaria mushrooms (magic mushrooms) grow under evergreen trees and are psychoactive. The Christmas tree is the tree of the knowledge of good and bad which is a symbol for Adam's penis. Semen contains huge amouts of the biochemical substances of PUTRECINE, SPERMIDINE and SPERMINE. SPERMIDINE and SPERMINE are involved in nucleic acid replication in the body and especially the brain which is a DNA computer. PUTRECINE is called PUTRECINE because it smells and taste PUTRID. The substance can also be found in rotton meat and menustration and shit. The original sin altered man's mind and caused man to think in abstract ways and gave them the proclivity and drive to invent and construct things and delve into science that has resulted in all technology we see today. The pursuit of science is destroying the Earth as everything man does is destroying the very planet we live on. This knowledge from Satan the Serpent was a poison knowledge.

The serpent was also Adam's penis. The medical symbol the Caduceus is a pole with a pine cone on top with two serpents wrapped around it. The two serpents are male and female and they are the double helix of DNA and they also represent the Hindu rise of the first (anus) and second (sexual organs) chakras up the spinal column untill they reach the 6th chakra the pineal gland in the center of the brain the seat of imagination, spiritual insight and awareness. This insight can come from the Holy Spirit of YEHOVAH as all the understanding of these things I attribute to him because he has truly lifted my blinders. But information can also come from Satan and his demons from a defiled body and mind. Satan uses the mesolymbic system of the brain to comunicate with man by giving him "advancements" in technology. Sometimes these new "ideas" come in dreams or a preminition in the night. Always this technology that is being given man will lead to man's further degidation and the eventual destruction of the very planet we live on.

Going back to the picture of the penis with the equilateral triangle around the head of it. In the corners there are three empty spaces where you can make three equilateral triangles in the corners. The one in the East is the rising son Horus the one at the top is Amen Ra and the one on the left is Osiris. In Egyption mythology Osiris was chopped up into 13 peices and Isis his lover found all but one peice of Osiris and put him back togther. The only peice she could not find was his penis so she impregnated herself with an evergreen tree while at the same time remained a virgin. A symbol for consuming the semen through oral sex. She gave birth to Horus a hawk headed son god which replaced Osiris' missing penis. The Egyption obelisk is Horus and Osiris' missing penis. Isis ate the mushroom which is a symbol also for the penis and looks like a penis in its early stage. The Horus rising is the the acent of the chakras up the spinal column to the "third eye" the 6th chakra the pineal gland. Occultic scientist magicians named the pineal gland after the pinecone and the penis.

Back to the picture of the penis with the triangle around the head of it. That triangle is the pyramid and the same pyramid on the back of the American one dollar bill. The eye of the penis is the eye on the back of the one dollar bill the second chakra that unites with the 6th chakra the pineal gland. The caduceus is a representation of the serpents the sexual chakras rising to the pineal gland which is in the center of the mesolymbic system of the brain. The center of the brain. The 7th hindu chakra is on the top of the head and this one is achieved when the person is dead and their spirit escapes their body. Satan's original lie that you do not really die. The Christmas tree is Adam's penis which gave man a kind of corrupt defiled knowledge that is leading to his further degridation and eventual self suicide if YEHOVAH did not lovingly intervene and put and end to the madness that Satan has started. PUTRECINE is also found in shit and the first Hindu chakra is the anus. In Kundalini Yoga to eat the semen of the Hindu god Shiva is to gain "salvation and enlightenment" but as you can see it actually imparts damnation and darkness. Most people will decorate their home this year with the Christmas tree and put the forbidden fruits the ornaments on them and give "thanks" to Satan for all the fabricated things inside the presents which is a substitution for the animita muscaria magic mushrooms. The apostate lie of the trinity is taken from the Egyptian Mysteries. Osiris = Father --- Amen Ra = Holy Spirit ---- Horus = Son ---- Isis = Mary ------- Note the trinity doctrine of Christendom is a fabricated lie of Satan and is an apostacy from the truth that YEHOVAH is ONE not three.

Spermine is also a neurotransmitter in the brain. Yes sexual fluids are psychoactive and consuming them will affect the way a person thinks and behaves. The only way to reverse this if you were stupid enough to do it is to pray to YEHOVAH for forgiveness and accept his Son YESHUWA as your savior.

He then asks us to say a prayer asking for all kinds of things from the guy's imaginary friend. It does not ask for an ability to spell, as you probably guessed. The complete post is archived in Google Groups. By the way, amanita muscaria isn't the canonical magic mushroom, but the fairy tale red one with white spots. Eating the thing is likely to give you gutrot with your trip—not exactly fun or spiritually enlightening.

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1: Posted by: Red Wolf | November 1, 2006 1:24 AM

Is it just me or does he seem a tad obsessed about male genitalia? Maybe he's in need of some.

2: Posted by: Maureen | November 3, 2006 9:13 AM

I've been one of Jehovah's Witnesses for 13 years and studied with them for 10 more. These are not Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs. Just thought I'd clear that up. Thanks, Maureen

3: Posted by: J Hritz | October 11, 2007 2:06 AM

Well I guess my family and I huddle around Adam's penis once a year. Sometimes we hide a pickle in Adam's penis. Are our presents his balls? And the toys his semen? Christians want kids to slosh around in Adam's semen?!? Odd how assumptions can get out of hand.

4: Posted by: Dean | December 2, 2007 8:41 PM

This is both disturbing and more common than you think. The idea that the original sin in Eden was not just the act of eating forbidden fruit but was a sex act and specifically, oral sex. This is one reason why, even though there are no scriptural references in either the old or new testament regarding what sexual positions and acts a married couple can and cannot engage in, many religions and religious leaders are unduly influenced by these beliefs and make these acts illegal both from a religious and sometimes secular standpoint or cave to public sentiment that is based on these or other beliefs.

Some even state that oral sex is a 'homosexual' act even when practiced by heterosexual married couples, when in reality, even intimate or romantic kissing between those of the same sex is a homosexual act. We certainly wouldn't ban kissing simply because it was perverted (if you think homosexuality is perverted) by homosexuals would we?

5: Posted by: John Sawyer | January 7, 2009 11:58 AM

Back to the picture of the penis:

Consuming sexual fluids (male and female, both by both) actually is a component of a few occult religions, and they do claim some type of increased brainpower as a result, especially (or only?) if the act is done at some particular time and during some ritual(s) they perform. I should say I'm no expert on all of that, beyond what Google reveals.

As for all the symbolism: some people literally believed a lot of that stuff many years ago, and yes America's founding fathers believed to some slight degree in symbology and mysticism (but to a degree far removed from the original), but it still surprises me how some people today believe it, or let it influence them, and keep riffing on it with "new discoveries" ("it's DNA!!").

6: Posted by: John Sawyer | January 10, 2009 4:15 AM

And another thing:

So it's all about guys trying to convince females to give them blow jobs, by telling them that swallowing their sperm will get them closer to god? Wow. Talk about rationalization. But then again, priests and witchdoctors do like their offerings and favors.

7: Posted by: rick | January 18, 2009 2:27 AM

In Poussin's Secret, David Wood alludes to some method by which the God-seed may be implanted into the body of a mortal woman. It relates to ISIS being questioned by Horus who askes: "How was it, mother, that the Earth recieved God's efflux?" Apparently this relates to how she was impregnated by OSIRIS? Whats the big secret?

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