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November 29, 2006

Dee, John Dee

by Feòrag

With Casino Royale in the cinemas right now, it seems a good time to point out Ian Fleming's occult connections. Some time before I finish writing this, I might take that large scholarly biography of him off the bookshelf, but let's face it, the web's more fun.

It's pretty well known that Fleming worked for naval intelligence during WWII, and that Bond is a bit of a Mary-Sue. There it is alleged that he used occultists to help lure Rudolf Hess to Britain.

Ian Fleming knew that Hitler, Himmler and Hess were all fascinated by the occult, particularly Astrology, but also by Occultist rituals. Secret Agents such as Frau Nagenast , an Astrologer who Hess consulted and paid, were employed to produce charts that pointed to the 10 May being a propitious moment for Hess to fly to Britain. Fleming carefully made sure that the Astrological forecasts that Hess received from his usual Astrologers contained very similar information. This was accomplished using intrigue, bribery and forgery. [The British Conspiracy]

So far, so reasonable, but then the account starts to get a little bizarre:

Ian Fleming also carried out Operation 'Mistletoe'. Operating with Aleistair Crowley, an expert in German occultism, Fleming and others carried out secret occult rituals in Ashdown Forest. These rituals had something to do with the fact that many leading Nazis were members of the Order of the Golden Dawn - an occult secret society. Occultism was the driving force behind many of the Nazi Party's organisations. The SS were brainwashed and indoctrinated using occult ceremonies. Two German SS officers, codenamed: 'Kestrel' and 'Sea Eagle' were contacted through the the Romanian Mission in London. They attended the rituals in Ashdown Forest, and no doubt reported back to Rudolf Hess that the Order of the Golden Dawn was alive and well amongst prominent members of British society, and that they were waiting to take power once peace was established. Hess was convinced that his plan to bring peace with Britain could lead to greater things. Perhaps even Britain joining Germany in Hitler's Armaggedon-like struggle against Soviet Russia.

Of course, all this was at a time when Britain was led by a druid. What else can the web tell us? How about the significance of the number 007?

The original 007 was John Dee, the leading scholar of the day, an occultist who served as a secret agent for Queen Elisabeth I. At that time--the Sixteenth Century--England was challenging the number one sea power Spain. Dee not only kept track of Spanish naval preparations, but also helped create a defeatist atmosphere by spreading the rumor, through personal astrological forecasts he prepared for the King of Poland and the Emperor of Bohemia--knowing the predictions would be repeated abroad, that storms would cause the defeat of a great empire in 1588. Throughout Europe everyone understood the `great empire' to be Spain, whose Armada was in fact defeated by the British in 1588. You might say it was simply a good weather forecast, but the prediction was widely believed and created a dearth of good sailors to man the Spanish ships. Powerful, effective propaganda. Dee also cast the Queen's horoscope and set the date for her coronation.

Dee introduced cryptography into the spy network run by Sir Francis Walsingham, and signed his own occult communications 007, the number later adopted by Ian Fleming in his James Bond novels. Ian Fleming served as assistant to the director of British naval intelligence during World War II, and knew that Dee was one of the founding fathers of his own organization. [Jack Parsons and the Curious Origins of the American Space Program]

And, alas, that's about it really. Winston Churchill is the one who really seems to have interested the kooks, going by articles such as Churchill’s Druids and Britain's Satanic Prime Minister (despite the title, this is a sensible article about occultism in early-mid 20th century Britain), Winston Churchill, Illuminati, and The "Ugly" Cause of World War Two. Actually, that last one merits an except:

Hitler was created by a largely homosexual occult secret society that spanned British and Nazi elites. This was called the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England. Winston Churchill, a Druid, was part of this occult scene. (He was also a friend of Edward VIII, considered a Nazi sympathizer.) But the Nazis branch was not aware of the hidden English agenda...

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1: Posted by: Bartholomew | November 30, 2006 12:56 PM

Some of this was covered by the Fortean Times a while back:

...[Gerald] Gardner led a ritual which took place in the summer of 1940 in the New Forest, near the Rufus Stone, and involved a group whose advancing years had left them few opportunities for participating actively in the war with Hitler. This Wiccan Dad's Army planned to invoke a cone of power - a spell reputedly used successfully on previous occasions against the Spanish Armada (sinking half of the Spanish ships) and Napoleon (halting a proposed invasion of England).

...The [sacrificial] victim would perform the ritual skyclad, while the rest of the group would be covered in grease to keep themselves warm. By the end of the ritual it was hoped that the skyclad witch would catch a cold and die...

...Crowley had initial problems in some meetings due to a number of pro-Nazi articles he had written in the USA. He claimed he had written these in conjunction with the British Government, and this was apparently accepted.

2: Posted by: Feòrag | November 30, 2006 11:38 PM

The scary thing is, I was telling Charlie about this last night and it seems that it's all true! Where are the fundie protestors?

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