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January 2, 2007

ID put in its place

by Feòrag

England and Wales: At first the headline Creationism gains foothold in schools might seem a little disturbing, and "Truth" in Science seem strangely happy about what is proposed. They clearly are not able to read English, for the government is, indeed, examining how intelligent design can be discussed in schools, but only as part of the Religious Education syllabus.

The response from the Church of England is most interesting:

Opponents in the Church of England dismiss it as fantasy. Colin Slee, the Dean of Southwark, said: Everything needs to be explored, so that children can ask sensible questions. Though I see no huge difficulty with exploring intelligent design or creationism or flat Earth, they happen to be misguided, foolish and flying in the face of all evidence. I see no problem with Darwinian theory and Christian faith going hand in hand.

Canon Jeremy Davies, Precentor of Salisbury cathedral, said: I don't see why religious education should be a dumping ground for fantasies.

Because, my dear Canon, it fits in perfectly with all the other fantasies that fill the RE curriculum. Now, if someone could just teach the Times subs the difference between theories, hypotheses and religious fantasy...

Creationism gains foothold in schoolsThe Times, 31st December 2006 (thanks to Pastor Best OPI).

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1: Posted by: G. Tingey | January 3, 2007 11:24 AM

All it wants now is a replay of the Joint Dawkins/Bishop of Oxford statement about YEC & ID being codswallop!

Actually, the more sensible believers (excuse the oxymoron/logical contradiction) are trying to say, "But we're not that mad!

2: Posted by: guthrie | January 16, 2007 9:30 AM

Heads up!

Truthiness in Science have noticed your existence. I bet you feel really pleased. They have this to say:

Pagan Prattle finds it strange that the Sunday Times reported Truth in Science as welcoming the government decision to teach intelligent design in religious education classes. We though it was strange as well, as we've made it very clear that we would like to see intelligent design in science classes, not RE.

Its on their weblog. Maybe you'll get an influx of frothing fundies, although I doubt it.

3: Posted by: Feòrag | January 16, 2007 10:46 AM

Thanks, guthrie (No. 2). I notice how they are living up to their name again, as they suggest that "examining how intelligent design can be discussed ... as part of the Religious Education syllabus" is a "government decision to teach intelligent design". Truthiness indeed.

Hope you don't mind my prettifying your comment. <blockquote> is a permitted tag in comments.

4: Posted by: guthrie | January 16, 2007 11:45 AM

No problem- I have never quite gotten the hang of html.

TiS do seem to be desperate for news though: http://www.truthinscience.org.uk/site/content/blogcategory/51/63

They mention a bunch of blogs, thus bringing to my attention a couple of places I had not found, even after googling for articles to do with "Truth in science". *waves to the TiS supporter reading this.*

So maybe they do have a use after all. Anyway, they are very bad at actually debating with critics. What with Prof Mcintosh making a fool of himself by garbling thermodynamics, and the general outcry over their propaganda attempts, they arent getting very far.

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