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January 11, 2007

Passion of the Christ even more Satanic

by Feòrag

It seems that Cutting Edge Ministries are not the only bunch of loony fundies to see all sorts of weird Illuminati symbolism in The Passion of the Christ, as a quick Google reveals. Barbara Aho starts off with a bit of pedantryTechnically, the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ on earth were those preceding His Ascension, however Gibson’s movie covers the betrayal, trial and crucifixion of Jesus—before observing that some of the actors had dubious pasts (and here was me thinking that forgiving of past sins was a Christian thing. Oopsikins). Then it gets interesting, in the way we appreciate here at Prattle Towers (both hemispheres).

One character Jody Dean didn't mention is Mary Magdalene. Or did he? Who is that Principal Figure— the friend of Jesus who never falls? The wording is ambiguous, poorly written, so that Principal Figure could be taken to refer to Him in the next sentence, meaning Jesus. However, previously Mr. Dean stated, Jesus’ friends — they all fall. Everyone, except the Principal Figure. In other words, the Principal Figure is one of Jesus’ friends.

The term Principal Figure turns up not infrequently in occult literature with reference to the Great Mother Goddess and her replications.

Then she gets sidetracks and starts to talk about how The Matrix has been a major conduit for indoctrinating the masses in the Merovingian wisdom tradition, the Da Vinci Code, etc. before suggesting it's all there to keep Jews from being Saved, and to appease some rather odd Muslims:

As a matter of fact, people living in the Semitic regions of the world will readily understand the languages of The Passion without subtitles. Although Latin is a dead language, Hebrew is not and Aramaic is spoken in Israel, parts of Syria and Mesopotamia (Iraq). And, according to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, Aramaic is used in many Jewish holy texts. Some of the later parts of the Hebrew Bible, most of the Gemara section of the Talmud, and the Zohar are written in Aramaic.

Keep in mind that many people of Semitic origin who attend The Passion will understand exactly what the actors are saying and will be of the opinion that Christians believe the gospel that is presented therein. If the movie presents a Gnostic gospel, they will think Christians believe in Gnosticism. If the film presents a Gnostic Christ, they will believe he is the Christ of the Bible. Would a pornographic Christ not serve to reinforce the Islamic perception of Christian America as the Great Satan? Even worse will be the serious ramifications for Jews, who will be presented with a false version of the gospel and a false Christ whom they will have the false impression Christians endorse. Who knows what other misunderstandings will develop, but what could be worse than Jewish acceptance of the Antichrist on the authority of the Church?

This is followed by a discussion of another of his works of inaccurate history: Braveheart. It seems that the Scots rebelled (against the British, sic.) for some rather interesting reasons:

What 'intolerable acts' provoked the Scots to national rebellion? It seems that Scotland had been deprived of its Celtic traditions, and Scottish independence would ensure the restoration of Druidism, a religion which may even have included ritual human sacrifice.

The Knights Templar (Druids, apparently), the Merovingian dynasty and the Pope were naturally involved in this.

It is noteworthy that the decisive Battle of Bannockburn, which settled the issue of Scottish independence, occurred on June 24,1314, the Masonic feast of John the Baptist. This date is duly noted in several Masonic books such as The Temple and the Lodge: The main engagement occurred on 24 June 1314. The date is interesting, for 24 June is St John's Day, a day of particular significance for the Templars. (p.35) By strange coincidence, the Medjugorje apparitions also began on June 24. Is there a possible connection?

And so on...

Mel Gibson’s Film Passion of the Christ AN INTERNATIONAL HOAXWatch Unto Prayer, not dated.

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