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March 19, 2007

Compare and contrast

by Feòrag

United Kingdom: A BBC survey has revealed that British Christians think they suffer discrimination in the workplace, and in the way they are portrayed in the media, but Christian think tank Ekklesia has told them not to be so paranoid:

Christians are also privileged — for example there are 26 unelected bishops in the house of Lords, and a quarter of state-funded primary schools are run by churches selecting on the basis of people's faith, said Ekklesia co-director Jonathan Bartley on The Heaven and Earth Show this morning.

He also said that when Muslims and Jews faced attacks and desecration of their cemeteries, talk of persecution needed to be put into context.

Meanwhile, down in Dorset, a Druid group has some charming (and almost certainly Christian) neighbours:

After [The Dolmen, a Neopagan band] played one particular gig in Weymouth someone left a dead bird with a noose around its neck on the windscreen.

They also typed the words 'Die Witches' on a piece of paper stuck to it...

Then someone put nails under the tyres of the van as it was parked in Radipole Lane, the night after they had played another gig.

At our last ritual at Maumbury Rings a group of people came along to barrack us for no apparent reason.

BBC survey says Christians feel they are discriminated againstEkklesia, 18th March 2007; Pagans suffer ritual abuseDorset Echo, 17th March 2007. See also today's Jesus and Mo for some topical commentary!

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1: Posted by: G. Tingey | March 20, 2007 9:20 AM

What did you expect from christians?

Peace & love?

Remember, all religions are blackmail - both moral and physical.

Wax lyrical

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