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June 21, 1994

News: shorts

by Feòrag

United States: In September, according to prosecutors, Dan Koenigsberg schemed to harass Mel Henderson, the only black member of the Teaneck, N. J., city council, during a meeting being shown live on local TV. Koenigsberg hired a messenger to dress in a gorilla costume and to bring Henderson a bunch of bananas, a toy monkey, and two balloons with drawings of monkeys on them. Koenigsberg later apologized in a letter to a local newspaper: My intention was not to bring race into the political debate. [Newark Star-Ledger, December 1993, via News of the Weird, 18th February 1994]

United States: In August, delegates to the national convention of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith in Charleston, W. Va., celebrated by wearing stylish hats, as socialites do at events such as the Kentucky Derby. Said one delegate, We glorify God when we wear hats. Many delegates brought hat wardrobes with them, and fourteen hat vendors set up booths at the convention. [Morgantown Dominion Post-AP, 12th August 1993, via News of the Weird, 5th November 1993]

Israel: The Jerusalem News Service reported in June that chemist Rabbi Moshe Antelman has invented a bullet that he believes will do more than merely kill Islamic fundamentalist terrorists physically. The bullets contain small amounts of pork, and many Moslems believe that any contact with swine will kill their souls. [Nazarene News Service, 2nd July 1993, via News of the Weird, 26th November 1993]

Canada: A November presentation at the Central Pentacostal Church in Edmonton, Alberta, on the virtues of abstinence for the unmarried, was called Maximum Sex. [Alberta Report, 1st November 1993, via News of the Weird, 3rd December 1993]

United States: Jacqueline Clinton, 29, was found guilty of manslaughter in Toledo, Ohio, in January in the shooting of her boyfriend. According to her, the shooting occurred during an argument over differing interpretations of the Bible. [Toledo Blade, December 1993 via News of the Weird, 4th February 1994]

United States: In October, Blue Shield of Idaho and Blue Cross of Idaho demanded the return of payments they mistakenly made to now-suspended psychologist Terry Clapp for treatments of several people with multiple personality disorders. Based on testimony at Clapp's disciplinary hearing, his preferred treatment of that disorder was exorcism, which the insurers said they do not cover. [American Medical News, 25th October 1993 via News of the Weird, 18th February 1994]

China: Beijing's official Heilongjiang Legal News publication reported in January that the wife of Zhang Jingui, following the advice of a fortune-teller on how to improve marital relations, cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. The fortune-teller had concluded that the problem in the relationship was Zhang's faulty organ and that the wife's only hope was to remove it so that a new one would grow. [Chicago Tribune (Reuters), January 1994 via News of the Weird, 18th February 1994]

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