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June 21, 1994

News: Church sued over forced baptism

by Feòrag

United States: The parents of five Colorado Springs children are suing a local church which baptised the children without the parents' knowledge or consent.

Cornerstone Baptist Church sent out flyers for a 'carnival'. It was advertised as a place to leave children for the day. A few days later, the local newspaper reported an allegation that the pastor had baptised all of the children there without their parent's consent. The pastor did not deny this and claimed that the flyer informed parents of this. This was not true, the flyer simply referred to 'religious activities'.

We're charging them with outrageous conduct, battery, false imprisonment and negligence, attorney Ed Farry Jr. told the Rocky Mountain News [24/8/93]. Farry filed the lawsuit against Cornerstone Baptist Church and its pastor, Dean Miller.

Forcing the children to disrobe, we believe, is outrageous. Telling them they're going to the devil or be stung by bees is outrageous. We believe dunking them is offensive; touching, and that is battery. We believe enticing them with a carnival, then making them go into a small room and be baptized before letting them go is false imprisonment.

This is not the first time this particular church has deceived children. A local Pagan parent reported that a young friend of his stepson invited him to attend a meeting of something like the Cub Scouts that was 'just getting started'. He came back with a sticker and some other trinket for memorizing "...and God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son " I asked him if he knew what it meant, and of course he said no. All he knew was that if he did what they asked, they would give him other toys and praise.

Source: Usenet [alt.pagan]

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