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June 21, 1994

News: Cheshire authority launch biomass scheme

by Feòrag

England: A local council in Cheshire has announced plans which could lead to the recycling of 98% of rubbish by 1995. The current government target is for a mere 25% of waste to be recycled by the turn of the century.

With a private-sector partner, Labour-controlled Halton Borough Council will also create up to 100 jobs with their Halton Biomass scheme.

Rubbish will no longer go to landfill sites, but to a local recycling complex. Here, recoverables such as metal and glass will be sent to commercial recycling schemes, both new and existing.

A series of on-site recovery areas will process organic waste. These will take the form of a covered, artificial lakes. The heat from waste decomposition will allow breeding of prawns, crayfish and similar seafood without the use of growth hormones. These will be sold to fishmongers.

When the waste has broken down fully, the compost will go for agricultural use--it will also support the growth of trees and other plants on-site. A methane gas extraction facility will convert the gas produced as a waste product into electricity.

To attract visitors, the site will feature a garden centre and conservation area.

The council hope that the scheme will act as standard bearer for other authorities to follow and will prove that recycling does not cost the Earth rather than saving it.

Source: Greenbits

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