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June 21, 1994

News: Mayor invites Klan to burn witches

by Feòrag

United States: A crusade against Wiccans has been launched in an American town with the approval of the local mayor, Mark Froehlich. He announced there was no place for witchcraft and satanism in his town at a council meeting, and that he would do everything he could to eradicate such things. He encouraged councillors to do what they thought was right to get rid of witchcraft. At a later meeting a suggestion to bring in the Ku Klux Klan to clear out the Wiccans and heathen was cheered. The mayor suggested waiting a fortnight so the media wouldn't catch them at it.

A.J. Drew runs a bookshop in Obetz, Ohio. The shop stocks books on astrology for love and sex, but keeps them under glass and does not sell them to minors. A local pizza parlour owner suggested in council that this shop be firebombed, which amused the local police chief. A firebombing has now been called for in three council meetings, with no response from the police. The mayor, an attorney, refused to shake the hand of Drew's attorney—a Wiccan.

The local fire department have joined in. They have decided that candles in the shop constitute a bonfire, and contravene fire regulations.

Pagans are not the only people suffering harassment in Obetz. A local Jewish woman told Drew a swastika had been burned in her front yard, 60 "for sale" signs put on her lawn and the side of her house burned. The swastika burner was sentenced to just 2 weeks civil duty (community service). Her children were told in school that Jews have tails, green blood and ate their first young.

This school also breaks constitutional law by doing the Lord's Prayer. The council start all their meetings by joining hands and reciting the same prayer. The Constitution of the United States is meant to separate government and religion.

Despite the obvious breaches of the Constitution, the local branch of the ALCU (equivalent to Liberty) seem uninterested in the case. Drew would win easily if he took his case to the Supreme Court, but this would cost about $3 million.

Source: Usenet [alt.pagan]

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