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June 21, 1994

Word from the Squirrel's Nest

by Feòrag

It's been quite a while since I last published the Pagan Prattle. There have been a number of abortive isues over the last couple of years, but I have to admit that trying to live on a student grant at my age has put a strain on my resources.

If you remember the Prattle as it was, you will notice a few changes. Gone is the tabloid look, replaced with the sophisticated experiment you see here. The news is more in-depth, too. I have a major new source for stories these days—the Internet. This is the fabled 'information superhighway' the press have been raving about of late and it's where I've been for the last two years. The effect of this can be seen in the percentage of foreign news.

The subject matter remains the same—discrimination, the Satanic ritual abuse myth, civil liberties, religious fundamentalism, censorship and environmental activism.

The articles in this issue are a mixture of new stuff, and the best of the aborted issues. Some of the news is around a year old, but I hope I've made it obvious which.

There are a number of articles which have been held over until the next issue. Some, such as the case of Camp Sister Spirit where a local community have organised to threaten and oust a lesbian couple from their own land, are awaiting resolution. Others can simply wait.

This is the fattest Prattle yet—it's got twice the pages of the last issue. At the time of writing I don't know whether this issue will be free or not. If it isn't, then the cover price reflects the cost of printing. I have contemplated taking paid advertising, but I'm not really comfortable with that. The only advertising in this issue is as favours to friends of mine.

You will also notice a lack of an address at the moment. Unfortunately, after 21 years of annoying Leeds City Council with their investigative journalism, the Northern Star/Leeds Other Paper, folded earlier this year. This has left me without a box number and, as I'm about to move for the sixth time in five years (hopefully to a spectacular Art Deco pile), I don't want to use my home address. Val Dobson has kindly offered to pass on any mail sent to the Oakleaf Circle address (see ad), but I'm best contacted by e-mail: feorag@antipope.demon.co.uk. Questions concerning the unusual address will be ignored—there's a perfectly good reason, trust me on this.

Thanks to: Charlie Stross, Tony Woolgar, Ian Foot, Geri Corvus, Cecilie Stross, the various contributors to this issue, Steve Glover and Steph. Any Pagan net-heads out there fancy a session in the Friar and Firkin? E-mail me, please! See, it isn't only MacFormat who can have a Tiny Zone.

Note: there's no point mailing me at the address mentioned in this article as these days it just gets fed straight to a collaborative spam filter. If you want to get in touch, use the form.

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