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July 29, 2007

Kiddie-Fiddling Australian Cult Leader Commits Suicide

by Red Wolf

Australia: Feòrag's trusty bampot filter brought me the news that professional charlatan, kiddie-fiddler and previous Prattle notable, Ken Dyers, topped himself on Wednesday rather than face court proceedings that he wouldn't be able to weasel out of.

Kenneth Dyers, 85, founder of spiritual organisation, Kenja Communications, was found dead at his Bundeena home on Wednesday.

Police went to the house in Crammond Avenue, Bundeena around 11am and found a man dead from a gunshot wound.

Police media would only say said it was not treating the death as suspicious and police were preparing a brief for the coroner.

He was last in court on 3 May 2007, but was deemed unfit for trial at the time and a mental health assessment was ordered. He has a series of child sexual assault charges against him dating back to 1993. Considering that one of the last times he was in court on charges of kiddie-fiddling his defence consisted of pointing out that wealthy Eastern Suburbs matrons raised their girls better than to give into the advances of a lecherous old pervert, therefore the crimes he was charged with could not possibly have taken place.

The cult shelled out well over AU$100,000 this weekend running full page ads [PDF] in the Sydney Morning Herald [$67,215.50] and Sunday Herald [$35,200] that stated that Dyers had been hounded by ex-cult members and greedy cult deprogrammers, with an explicit statement of purported deprogramming fees, and that the charges of paedophilia were a revenge fantasy concocted by these two groups.

I should note that these are the only two ads I've personally seen. An article in The Sunday Age mentions that they ran the same ad in that publication, so I will hazard a guess that The Age got one too. I would not be surprised if the Canberra weekend press saw the same ads run and possibly the local community papers in the areas where the cult had offices; Surry Hills, Parramatta, Canberra and Melbourne. That would bring their spin campaign expenses out to quite a significant sum. It looks like running your own religion non-religious, non-political personal communication training organisation is quite the money-spinner.

It's worth noting that while the ads mention the anti-cult groups by name — Cult Aware and Cult Information and Family Support — there is no mention of people by name. The cult is smart enough to avoid a defamation suit.

One of the people not mentioned by name in the ad is former Sydney MP, Stephen Mutch, who raised sex abuse allegations against Dyers a decade ago. He said that it is a shame Dyers will never be brought to justice.

Stephen Mutch, former federal member for Cook, said Ken Dyers had taken the coward's way out by taking his own life last Wednesday.

Rumour has it that the only reason that Dyers was acquitted by the High Court was due to the influence of a since disgraced fellow paedophile, but that's all rumour and innuendo.

Perhaps that's why Dyers killed himself. His previous get out of jail free card had been hauled over the coals himself and Dyers had lost his last chance of avoiding jail. A suicide and following cult damage control campaign would see the business in a better light than could be expected if he served time in prison.

Kenja leader found dead at BundeenaSt George & Sutherland Shire Leader, 27th July 2007.
Cult leader 'won't face justice'The Age, 29th July 2007.

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1: Posted by: Zoe | August 2, 2007 1:44 PM

For another perspective visit Who's Guilty

2: Posted by: Red Wolf | August 26, 2007 11:00 AM

Uh, Zoe, exactly how is that a perspective in any way?

Haneef was man with dickheads for relatives, who was screwed over in Howard's attempted campaign of fear. While Dyers was a noted compulsive liar who was looking to face court over years of sexual abuse on minors and had received news of fresh allegations the day before topping himself.

Not seeing the connection there.

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