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August 18, 2007

Steve Jackson is the Antichrist!

by Feòrag

Is this meta-conspiracy? Cutting Edge Ministries have put together a number of pages insisting that a card game shows that the Spetember 11th attacks were an inside job and planned a long way in advance.

In nine pertinent playing cards of the "Illuminati New World Order" Game, how did the inventor know -- in 1995 -- the three events comprising the 9/11 attacks? How did he know also the correct plan in the near future? Why do his cards predict the appearance of Antichrist and the Rapture as the last two events of the Illuminati Plan?

Players in the darkly humourous game are competing conspiracies and the aim is to dominate. The game consists of hundreds of cards (637, I believe) drawn from the rich vein of conspiracy theory. Still, as we all know, there is no such thing as coincidence in that world.

There are a number of interconnected pages, and the first one puts an interesting spin on the Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games.

Jackson was creating a game that would hit very, very close to home, very close to the actual plan of the Illuminati to propel the world into the New World Order -- also known as the Kingdom of Antichrist. As we shall show you, Jackson issued playing cards, three of which foretold the events of 9/11, three of which correctly predict future events just ahead of us, and two that correctly foretell the last two events that the Bible foretells will occur during the final birth pangs that will produce Antichrist!

How did Steve Jackson know the Illuminati Plan so precisely? In fact, he knew the Plan so exactly he got a surprise visit from the Secret Service, who tried their best to shut him down and prevent him from publishing his game.

So, what did that plan entail? Well, in the alternative reality in which Cutting Edge Ministries resides, the September 11th attacks included the nuking of New York!

Terrorist Nuke"-- This card is one of the most shocking of all, especially in light of the fact that this game first hit the specialty stores in 1995! How in the world did Steve Jackson know that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were going to be attacked? In fact, this card accurately depicted the World Trade Center attack in great detail. This card accurately depicts several facts of 9/11 -- on cards created all the way back in 1995!

Perhaps because terrorists had attacked that site in the past, perhaps? No, too simple!

However, what does the caption to this card mean? It says, Terrorist Nuke. Now, what could this possibly mean? The Twin Towers were not destroyed by a terrorist nuclear device, or were they? ... One can only ask: was a micro-nuclear device used at the base of the Twin Towers as well? That kind of small, but nuclear, explosion would account for the sudden manner the reinforced concrete and steel shell simply crumbled into dust as it fell. That kind of nuclear explosion would also explain the tremendous heat that stayed at "Ground Zero" for several months after 9/11. As we head into the planned terrorist attacks and attendant panics, we have to remain cognizant that a micro-nuke device might be the real culprit in some of these attacks.

At least this is a testable claim. Any readers in New York with access to Geiger Counter, or medical data that show a cluster of relevant cancers? Next we learn that the attack on the Pentagon hit it right in the middle, and that it must take inside knowledge to consider the Pentagon as a target for terrorists. And that a completely different-looking building, in a completely different place respresents the Twin Towers, and so on, the special pleading increasing with each additional card. Go read it for yourself.

Illuminati Card GameCutting Edge Ministries, undated; "SMOKING GUN" PROOF THAT ILLUMINATI PLAN TO ATTACK ON 9/11 AND BEYOND WAS WELL KNOWN AS FAR BACK AS 1995! Part 1 - Future Cataclysmic Events Accurately Foretold In 1995 Illuminati Card Game -- 9/11 Attack Foreseen.Cutting Edge Ministries, undated. (Thanks to someone on my LJ friends list)

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1: Posted by: Thomas | August 20, 2007 8:11 AM

Aren't the illuminati books all satire?

Does no one realize this?

Am I crazy?

2: Posted by: Feòrag | August 20, 2007 11:02 AM

Fundies don't have a reputation for being able to distinguish fact from fiction.

Wax lyrical

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