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August 26, 2007

Cult Attempts to Turn a Paedophile into a Civil Rights Martyr

by Red Wolf

Australia: A month has passed since the news of Ken Dyers' suicide and it seems his cult has been attempting to create a martyr out of him, even if that means screwing over his victims.

Supporters of the 85-year-old Kenja founder — who shot himself last week while facing 22 counts of child sex assault and indecent assault — took the extraordinary step of placing advertisements in weekend newspapers declaring his innocence.

The full-page ads, which were run in The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, accused Dyers' two alleged victims of deliberately lying and behaving in an appalling fashion.

They also claimed police were out to get him to further their careers.

The parents of the girls are quite rightly pissed about the accusations. As are some of the signatories to the full page ads. Dr Hoc Ku Huynh OAM expressely refused his permission for the cult to use his name, but they went ahead anyway. This seems to be something of a habit when it comes to Kenja and those associated with it.

Jan Hamilton [Dyers' wife and partner in Kenja] said suppressive forces, evil and corruption and nightmarish criminal monsters drove Mr Dyers to his early death last week.

Interestingly enough, it has now emerged that Dyers' lawyer rang him to say the police wanted to interview him about further allegations of sexual abuse from a girl who attended his energy conversion sessions. He killed himself the next day. Funny how these lying victims, in the words of Hamilton, seem to just keep coming out of the woodwork, I think I know who I'd be trusting when it comes to telling the truth. Especially in light of Dyers' somewhat loose interpretation of the truth.

Reverend Dr David Millikan, a Uniting Church minister, spent weeks with Ken Dyers making a film about him and he recounts his strange experiences with a man convinced he had extraordinary powers.

Once, he told how he had been confronted in the street by a group of 20 men who were there to do me in.

I walked up to the leader and grabbed a handful of his genitals. A man is useless when he is intimidated. I attacked them with mental pictures. I gave them a picture of flipping their eyeballs out onto their cheeks, out there, flapping around. They walked away.

At other times, he could appear broken, a shell of a man himself. In his home on the cliffs of Bundeena one day he suddenly turned and, using the plaintive voice of a young boy, said: I can transform DNA through what I do in Kenja. You know that means we could change the evolutionary process. If only, if only, I can convince the world. But they hate me.

Dyers doesn't seem a particularly stable individual and certainly not one in too close a contact with reality, as conversations with Dr Millikan indicate.

Dyers compulsively alluded to earlier friendships with the titans of Australian business. But before Kenja, he ran a window sash replacement business in the eastern suburbs.

Central to Dyer's mythology of his own greatness was the story that his remarkable powers were honed in the fierce battles of World War II.

He said he had been seconded to British intelligence, had learned Arabic within two weeks of arriving in Cairo, had advised top brass on battle tactics.

I've got every medal an Australian soldier can get, he insisted. His war record says nothing of this.
Other people have also wondered about Dyers' proclaimed war hero status and did a little digging into his military background. Funnily enough, it tells a completely different story.
The Kenja biography lauds Dyers as a visionary; a rags-to-riches story of achievement, as he first survived on the streets of Sydney during the Great Depression before leaving home at the age of 14 and taking odd jobs such as cleaning pots at a college, becoming a butcher and enlisting in the army.

It is here that the first questions are raised about his credibility. Dyers claimed to have served with distinction as an artillery man with the Australian 9th Division during World War II, seconded to British counter-intelligence and then seeing action at El Alamein. He also tells a story of being at Lae and Finschhafen in New Guinea where his bodyguard, a Corporal Appel, was hit by a grenade and died in Dyers's arms — a moment which fuelled Ken on his ceaseless drive to help people enhance their own lives.

But Dyers's war service record indicates a man with a Walter Mitty complex, who only ever achieved the rank of corporal and was demoted to private by the time he was discharged.

It also details a chequered record, including being court-martialled three times. In late 1943 he was in jail for five days awaiting trial on three charges, and eventually convicted of conduct prejudice to the good order and military discipline. In June 1944 he went AWL for 16 days. In April 1945 he was fined for leaving his sentry post and in July fined again for misconduct. Curiously, it also refers to an assessment of his mental instability which is rated at 10 per cent on the day he was demobbed in August 1946.

Beyond Our Ken, an entry in this year's Melbourne International Film Festival, looked at Dyers' group, Kenja Communications. In making the film, Melissa Maclean witnessed a re-enactment of one of Dyers' energy conversion sessions. It was during these sessions that two girls alleged he had sexually assaulted them.

It seemed to me quite strange and I actually discussed that with him, I said that I felt uncomfortable watching him do that because it is so unusual to watch an old man, an 84-year-old man essentially hit on a young girl, but he said he did that so they would recognise when they were being hit on.

Um, yeah, that sounds like a good reason to feel up little girls. I'm sure their parents will be mollified by that explanation.

Media Watch raised their concerns about the ads that appeared in the Fairfax owned papers; The Sun-Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Age, The Canberra Times and The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader.

The original text of the ad, submitted by Kenja, made a series of much stronger statements directly attacking the alleged victims.

Fairfax could have been in no doubt about Kenja's intention.

Because someone there worked with Kenja to edit out some more offensive and clearly defamatory statements.

While I saw the original ad in a couple of the Sydney papers, I certainly don't recall seeing the outright inflamatory statements that are mentioned in the PDF version still available on the cult's site. I think something like Deprogrammers initially employed techniques such as kidnapping, assault and sexual assault, often coming into conflict with American authorities. would stick in my mind, especially as sexual assault is what Dyers was being changed with.

Running in the true Kenja tradition of trying to make a buck out of any old tripe, Dyers' widow Jan Hamilton ran a $50 lecture that attempted to tell the true story about Ken Dyers and the attacks on our civil liberties. The lecture is part of Kenja's Act for Change campaign, which seems to be trying to make Dyers a martyr to civil liberties.

The site claims that: The tragic death of Ken Dyers is an example of what can happen when a person is consistently denied justice. But by taking his own life, Dyers denied his alleged victims their day in court and any opportunity for justice.

The ad for the lecture that ran in the Herald this week was headed In Australia we are guilty till proven innocent, but Ms Hamilton said it was not an attack on the legal system, it was just about the perceived presumption of guilt in the media.

The next line of the ad says Imprisonment before trial on flimsy evidence, although Ms Hamilton admitted her husband was never imprisoned.

The Act for Change website states Dyers was a victim of a campaign despite successfully disproving all allegations in court.

He did not disprove any allegation in court.

The allegations that made it to court in 1993 were not proved beyond reasonable doubt yet the website claims the jury accepted the plaintiffs were liars.

As lies seems to be a stock in trade for Ken Dyers throughout his life, why should Kenja stop lying now.

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