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October 28, 2007

That's Not My Penis

by Red Wolf

Australia: The Family First Party have always been a paranoid, hypocritical bunch of loons, but one of their current candidates seems determined to outdo his brethren.

Andrew Quah was a candidate for the Family First Party, a political front for the Assemblies of God cult, until he was dumped due to his hobbies clashing with the dominionist leanings of his party. They are a group with a serious hate-on for homosexuals, so when photos of him flashing his genitals turned up on gay web sites, they booted him.

Mr Quah told the Herald yesterday he thought it was possible that he had posed for the compromising photographs. I might have been drunk off my face or my political enemies might have drugged me.

One photo shows him exposing his private parts as he takes a picture of himself in a mirror.

But that's not my penis, he said. So whose was it?

Look, maybe somebody photoshopped it, and put another one on the photo, he said. I can tell you, it's not me. I know these things. But really, I can't remember ... All I know, I have been humiliated.

Quah seems to have quite a paranoid delusion going on there. He might have been drunk, but he also may have been drugged by political enemies, who must make a habit of luring religious loons astray and posting inapproriate photos of them on gay chat boards. Hmm... only one of those options seems even remotely plausible.

Mr Quah, 21, has also admitted to looking at porn websites in the past two weeks, which made his position untenable given his party's strong commitment to protect children by making porn harder to access on the internet.

I guess that would come under the heading of a social faux pas.

When asked about viewing pornography, he confirmed he had done so in the past two weeks. I don't want to talk about it, but I have a different view to the party because I don't believe that it is possible to block pornography on the internet.

Aside from being stupid whilst drunk, his position on the blocking of online pornography would indicate he has more sense that the rest of the Family First Party combined.

Meet Family First's member for nowhere - The Sydney Morning Herald, 29th October 2007 (via Pharyngula).

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