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December 5, 2007

New word of the day

by Feòrag

England: A debate will take place in the House of Commons today on Christianophobia. The word has been coined by Conservative MP Mark Pritchard, who seems to believe that his imaginary friend is essential to British life.

Mark Pritchard said Christianophobia of the politically correct brigade also ran the risk of Christianity being hijacked by extremist parties.

The Tory MP said he did not want to criticise people of other faiths, but wanted to recognise and protect the Christian tradition of this nation.

He intends to do this by shoving Christianity down the throats of people of other faiths, and the majority who have none. He's particularly upset that few schools bother with the explicitly religious Nativity play any more, and tend to go for something that reflects the secular nature of most festive traditions. He also boasts about the Christian tradition going back to the first century and its contribution to arts, culture and science.

I wasn't aware of Christianity in the British Isles until the 4th century, but since it arrived, we've had the Dark Ages, the little incident at Clifford's Tower in York, the execution of people for imaginary crimes, the execution of people for holding different beliefs about the worship of the same imaginary friend, the Gunpowder Plot, the censorship of literature, the imprisonment of those who do not have imaginary friends, more literary censorship, The Troubles, attempts to teach religion in the place of science, and, of course, more censorship (failed), this time of drama.

With a record like that, is it surprising that people might be a little phobic about Christians? And that's without mentioning the compulsory Christian religious education and worship in schools, and the privileged position of the Church of England.

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1: Posted by: Chris | December 5, 2007 10:20 PM

Ah, c'mon, the gunpowder plot wasn't all bad. What's that saying? The only man to enter the house of parliament with honourable intentions? ;)

2: Posted by: Feòrag | December 6, 2007 1:42 AM

"honest intentions", but yes.

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