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December 16, 2007

George Galloway proves he's a nutter

by Feòrag

England: It seems that fundie nutcases have got at what remains of politician George Galloway's brain.

But this week Galloway took a further step towards full-blown fanaticism, when he came out as a creationist. This is what he said on his TalkSport radio rant, in trying to rebut a caller who defended atheism and science: I was looking at my little six month old baby today beginning to take his first steps crawling across the hall of the Methodist Central Hall today, and it doesn't look like an accident to me. He doesn't look like an accident of evolutionary chance to me. I'm not really prepared to believe that from the bottom-dwelling slugs of the pond came the voice of Pavarotti. I'm not really prepared to believe that Albert Einstein and a spider are really the same thing, that they just took a different evolutionary path.

Galloway comes out as a creationistOpen House, 7th December 2007.

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1: Posted by: Spiritof1976 | December 16, 2007 6:22 PM

"George Galloway proves he's a nutter"?

I thought he'd done that a long time ago.

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