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January 15, 2008

Bruce the Astronaut

by Feòrag

Australia: There's a great big red mountain in the middle of Australia. The indigenous people there regard it as sacred and would rather we called it Uluru, but most of us know it as Ayers Rock. But, the site is Special to some other people too, according to Pravda, and they believe a rather unusual story is told by the rock art in the area:

The UFO Area website says the astronauts are represented in rock paintings in Central Australia.

Once upon a time, in a distant past, a huge red 'egg' had difficulties to safely reach the ground and crashed, the story reads, under a picture of Uluru. Out of the 'egg' emerged white-skinned beings, followed by their children, it says. The adults had problems adapting to the Earth's atmosphere and died. The children managed to survive. Later they painted drawings of the adults in honour of their parents.

The article to which Pravda refers is almost certainly Ancient Astronauts of Uluru at UFOArea. That has since been followed up by another article, Strange Ancient Structures In The Australian Desert: Natural Rocks Or Artificial Structures? Both are available only to members of the site, which costs money, alas. If the articles are plugging a book, that's a bit of a failure really.

Aliens land in Australia to create humansPravda, 14th January 2008.

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